=408= Words of Joy: Great Weekend

It had been one of the best weekends i had in such a long time. First, grateful for someone. Really give thanks for the conversation we had on Saturday. Really nice sharing and learning from each other. Okok, i will watch out and set clearer boundaries. HAHA!

Then, I bought $70 worth of cameras. 2 cameras! The Canon AE-1 with the 50mm f1.4 and the Yashica Electro 35 GT. REALLY good deal considering how good the conditions are. I bought my first roll of film. The Ilford HP5 plus. I really hope the shots i have taken will turn out well. The Yashica’s focus, just stuck though. 😦 Hope it will be cheap to fix.

Then, nice dinner with the cell. I give thanks for people that I can just spend time with.

Then, last minute upon last minute stuff, I wanted to teach Faith sound and let her try like the board during service. The plan was that i let her try then I supervise/advise. However, Daniel hurt his knees, So he asked me to sub him for drums. So i just played lor. I then asked a few people if they could come down to help Faith with sound. Thank God there were. Javier is really cool and willing to learn and help. Andre taught them quite a few things as well. Then, there was actually this part where only Faith was at the board, so i just thought that she would do it, but she backed out because she wasn’t confident. I honestly believe that she can do it one. I mean, she picked up SOO fast. It was just a pity. I have faith that she will do a decent job, but she was just very unwilling. 😦 Come on!

Then during soak, I did visuals again. I am honestly not the best visuals guy, but because i am a technical with enough exposure, i kinda understand how to do stuff, so I was still able to do enough. I am thankful for so many gifts from God. I was able to manage both sound and lyrics.

Worship was nice, I mean, we made SOOO many mistakes. Oh well! More important that we worship God. SO yeah, stop looking at your flaws Kelvin, look at God.

Then, cell was AMAZING i tell you. We had the most wonderful discussion with my cell, tackling questions about our faith and answering hard questions. One thing that was cool was us giving examples and characters from our lives. We told them stories of spiritual giants that went before us. We told them about K and how he tried to honour both God and his mother even though he was called to full time. We told them about E and how she gave up a scholarship to go for a mission trip in a land where she was in SOOO much danger. They were all in respect when they heard stories about what they had done or sacrificed. There was a drop in volume when they heard about what E went through. Yes, it is good to learn from such spiritual giants.

A question about why God let’s such hard things happen to us and not just let us have not so hard things not so hard things. Wouldn’t that make us worship Him more? My answer was that he was thinking to linearly. His thought was God gives me what i want, then i will worship him more that if God give me a hard time. My question is this, if you only worship God when he gives you stuff, will you still worship him when he stops giving you stuff? How sure are you that such gifts won’t become idols? Next is, which one will build more faith? Simple things that will just make you thank God or hard times that will cause you to rely on God? It is like buying a kid a game console so that your kid will spend more time with you, it doesn’t make sense. your kid will be so happy and thankful to you for the first minute, then the next, he will be so engrossed with the game he forgets what his name is.

It was interesting to see that the kids has so many questions. Love the fire! I wished that someone would have let me asked all these questions when i was younger. I mean, when i was a kid, i wanted to know all this stuff as well. I just lacked someone that would give me his/her attention to my doubts until Aaron Kok. So I am really grateful to Aaron for keeping me in church and loving me and mentoring me back in Cool! Without him right, i doubt i will be half as serious as i am now about God.

Then, I am now a part of the Emerge Camp Comm. AHAHA! Well. Wah. I am so excited. HAHAHA! Just when i said i wanna be part of an event(back with Alpha Kick off) God provided! HEHE! Cool i guess. I am thankful for the chance to do such a thing. Kinda cool cause like i am now following the footsteps of Kiat. doing logs in a camp siol! The comm is wonderful! Looking forward to more stuff. I can’t believe that they are actually using the name that i came out with! AHAHA!

Lord, thank you for this nice weekend!



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