=410= Reflections: Intern, 五月天, Report

This is very unlike me, normally after every single significant event I would take some time out to reflect and write something. However, due to the hair pulling, eyes melting, ears exploding, nose cringing, mouth expanding, head chopping, body impaling, lungs crushing, arm twisting and leg flattening report, I really don’t have enough time to write out everything. I will probably write after I finished my presentation. Do be patient with me during this time ok? Report is VERY siao. So now, I will just write very brief descriptions over here, you want details? Wait, or ask me in real life.

Intern – was good overall, tired and depressed over a few things my supervisors said, went back to get things signed, it was still very warm, I do feel like I belong somewhere. Boss is nice most of the time, but stern. Got cool stuff that I can never afford.

五月天 – MOST AMAZING SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. Incredible music, incredible stage presence, engagement and stamina. Audio mix sounds better on the cheaper seats. Lights and video were the most perfect lighting and video show I have ever watched. That is how you use an LED wall, that is how you use incredible lights! Not glaring or hard to watch whatsoever. Cannot state this enough, both nights were wonderful.

Report – please kill me now. HELPPP MEEEEE. OHHHH MY GOODNESSS. I NEEDD MORE TIMEEEE. Condensing my entire 22 weeks into one report with words was just TOO MUCH WORK. My brain is dying. I just kept getting distracted with what I like to do, I need to discipline myself. 😦

Miss a few friends of mine, really wanna meet up soon. Ok can!

Goodnight guys! Pokemon Go is wonderful by the way, but my data is crying… 😭😭😭