=411= Thanksgving: Buddy

This is to a group of friends that I honestly appreciate so much.

This has nothing to do with the dog, Buddy, but yeah, he is VERY cute! 🙂

Well, I really miss you guys man. I am at a stage in my life where I REALLY lack peers around my age. I mean, having peers in secondary school is fine and all, but it just isn’t the same you know?

I sometimes do find it a pity and regret a little that I am in N/A and in poly and I am like two years behind guys my age. Seeing my peers going to ORD this year and I still haven’t even enlisted yet.

Oh well, I pray that we will stay together like this for years to come. That we will treasure each other’s company until the day we die. I may be a bit naive. I mean, so far, I only have one friendship that lasted longer than 8 years and honestly that friendship isn’t that strong as well. I pray that God will be willing to let us stay together as a group of God fearing friends that will continue to love each other.

May we never and I mean never take our friendships for granted.

Ok back to the knee piercing internship presentation slides.

Please pray for me guys, I am dying here… 😦