=412= Words of Melancholy: Give

Don’t get me wrong, I love giving to my friends. I really do. However, after I give something to someone, I would really appreciate some response and some attention.

I was reading this other person’s blog and I really relate to the person quite a bit. It is hard to always be the person that initiates. It is hard to be the person giving the most in the friendship. I am really quite hurt when I see that more attention was given to someone that didn’t even do a single thing. It is as though the person only knows how to receive. I just wished that sometimes I wasn’t on the giving end. I mean. Come on. Just how one-sided can this friendship be?

Should I be wasting time? It really is very draining for me to put in so much effort and give so much of myself, only to get so little back.

I just wish to receive some attention back, is it really that hard? 😦

I however noticed that my temper has gotten REALLY bad after internship. I just get so angry and emotional at the smallest of things. Lord, what happened to my patience and forbearance?

Lord, how I must have broken your heart not giving you much attention even after you gave so much. Lord, the most true one-sided relationship is you and man. How wicked man it Lord. How they have strayed away from you.

Father, will you please stay with me? Guide me on how to become a better man. Thank you Lord!