=413= Reflections: Busan

Oh well, if anyone is keeping track, my internship report and presentation is overrrr!

The presentation went ok, but the Q&A was a bit -sigh- Oh well.

Disappointed, but it is finally done. Spotted some mistakes in my report too. Cries… 😭

I am almost certain that my GPA will drop. Like, my supervisor assessment was poor, report was poor, presentation was poor. How not to drop sia.

But yeah lah. Thank God for wisdom to answer Mr Lau correctly. I do go around the bush, but yeah, my brain is like that. Lord, thank you!

Then I had an impromptu lunch with Elsa and ZF and movie afterwards. I actually wanted to watch Suicide squad, but ZF wanted to watch Train to Busan, so sure! Haha!

And the movie was INCREDIBLE!

I love how they manage to get all the jump scares in without it feeling too out of place. I love how they balanced adrenaline with spaces of security. I love how they were playing on relationships. I love how they portrayed human selfishness.

I really like the main character and how he developed. From a man that only cared for himself and his daughter. To the point that he even taught his daughter to be selfish. To slowly become a man that puts his life on the line for the people that he could save. Contrasting him to the selfish guy that sacrificed others to save himself. 

Watching a movie with ZF was hilliarious. She was talking all over the movie! “No, don’t let him die!” “Go and help him!”

But ok lah, I also do that! 😂

The muscular guy in this movie was awesome! 😂 he was punching throwing and muscling his way through the zombies! A+++

Though the ending was quite predictable, the movie was tense until the last moment. The uncertainty of whether they would make it or not was just there all the time. Making you engaged and pay attention to it so closely.

It is during such apocalyptic times that you will really see the true ugliness of humanity and you will start to question what is right and wrong.

Very interesting movie! Great to take my mind off the presentation! Thank you guys! 🙂