=415= Words of Joy: 1Am

Well, after these few days of such annoying self worth depression. I came back and it was comfortable.

Interesting really.

I don’t know how. I don’t know when, I guess I just wanted it to be different.

I think it is just my overthinking and overreacting brain. My emotions need to stop.

Well I did the 16personalities test recently. And one of the trait that they said about my personality was that I don’t like to face problems and tend to run away from them.

I actually thought it wasn’t the case. But as I observed. It is actually true.

Like in that moment of conflict. I rather walk away. Then return to say sorry. But I seldom like to continue to talk to you if I sense irritation. 😦

So yeah, Lord, teach me the wisest way to react.

Also, I had a weird dream that woke me up so hard. That when I woke up, I was so scared that I really started singing “Jesus Loves me” and praying to God.

It isn’t bothering me as much, but like I just really want to know what was that. Was that a spiritual Attack? 😦

Oh well! Thank you God for blessing me!