=416= Reflections: Pray For Me


AHAHAHA! Talk to me! It will be quite fun! 😁 I didn’t know that someone would stalk me on Facebook!

Welcome! This is just a platform where I get to do all my ranting and reflecting on certain events and issues. You will probably see a lot of random gear talks about things that I cannot afford. If you are a friend, all these posts are my thoughts, so please don’t come up to me and read my post out loud to me. PLEASE! I don’t mind talking about my blog face to face! Just don’t read my posts out loud! THANK YOU! 🙂

Today was a good day!

First, I let Javier try to do sound by himself today and he performed spectacularly. He was still a bit afraid to manage the crowd, but apart from that, he could do most of what I have taught him! So yeah, very proud of him! 🙂 I told him that the next time he will have to handle everything alr. Like from troubleshooting to like EQ. It was fun playing with effects on the board too! 🙂

Then during worship, Wah the radio frequency interference was just… -.- I guess really need to change the groups and channels or get the mic transmitter replaced. Only having four mics is a bit limiting. 😦 I need a lapel mic!

Worship still went well nevertheless! Daniel played decently! Just a bit rushed in tempo on the last song. So yeah good job Bro! Just continue to learn how to play in a band and be more comfortable to play! You can do this!

Then, I was really quite disappointed that we didn’t go up to Jordan for lesson. 😦 I am the kinda person that likes to have a room so that whatever we share or say in the room is confidential and protected. Having a room to myself gives me the chance to control the atmosphere too.

Nevertheless, God was still faithful, it was a good lesson and time.

Ok some back story to my lesson. There were legacies in footsteps left by Tat Wai, he taught the gospel with leg hair. His shortest lesson was 2 minutes+. I actually really admire him for a lot of things! Then, if anyone knows me, I am someone that seldom follow the book every week because I see the growth of my cell and I will cater accordingly. However, since we follow the book quite closely in Emerge, I had to follow as well.

So instead of not following the book for a week and kill my co-leaders the next week, I decided to compress my lesson to as short as possible and then do what I want!

So the record I hold right now is 4 minutes+, nowhere near Tat Wai’s, but it is quality over quantity! So I rather slow down and explain slowly to them!

Then the prayer thing was good! 🙂 there were a few people disengaged, but apart from that, most of them were attentive and serious. Some even got angry at some of the not serious people! People asked if they could hug pray one line and I am ok. This is because, I was their age before and prayer was honestly one of the scariest things I had to do in church. That was why I made an “everyone is doing it together atmosphere.”

I basically had everyone write their name and prayer request on a piece of paper. Jumbled the prayer request. Have everyone lay hands and pray for one person, but the person holding the paper will pray out loud!

It was quite a special moment! These P5s are excersizing their gifts and prayer. It is all good! 🙂

Then sharing was nice! Been a while since we last did sharing! It was good! 🙂

Then while I was packing stuff, Rachel asked me to teach her kid drums. In which I did! It was cool! Like I got to show her some stuff! More people should come and learn stuff! YES! HAHA!

Then, it was a nice time of going back home with Shena and Joseph! It has been good!

Thank you God!