=417= Words of Melancholy: Heart Broken

Let me first say, thank you Mr S.R. Nathan for your contribution to Singapore.

Today, I am absolutely heartbroken at the way an ex-cell kid of mine talked to me when he bumped into me.

He wanted to avoid me I could see. He didn’t want to hi-five me when I brought my hand up. He was irritable when I talked. Do you know how much that hurt me?

I mean, I poured my life into yours. I took time out to meet you to teach you. I loved you and journeyed with you for so many years. I chased after you made sure you were doing fine. After all of that, you treat me as though I was someone you didn’t want to see?

I am honestly just disappointed. Years of love and care for you, a relationship that we established and built, how can you just throw that away so easily?

Not being a christian is no excuse to not talk to me. Even if you believe in something else now, does my years of leading you and loving you no longer count for anything now?

Father, you know I love my boys. I lead them in the best way I could. I tried to be a good example. I was more vulnerable to them than any other group of people. I shared my struggles and my victories. I never asked for them to be perfect. I only asked for them to love you.

Lord, will you please bring him back? 

Remind him of your goodness admist the bad of this world. Lord, remind him of what you have done for him. Father, bring him back Lord.

Today was a day of going to places to look for particular things, but not finding the things that I want. Hence, I either need to wait, or find it somewhere else.

For the record, I actually learned how to cycle last Thurs! It was fun! Really! So now I am going to buy a bicycle. I am very interested in the Vert V8, but out of stock. So waiting for it now. Alternatives are ugly, not as many features and more expensive. 😦

I wanna buy a Glideco grandtourer scooter, but the place I was looking at is no longer bringing in the product.

I wanna buy a Djembe, it either too expensive or not mechanically tuned. Toca Percussion Djembes are soon going to be hard to find in Singapore. 😦 Yamaha is going to stop carrying it. Accent doesn’t bring them in. Argh.

It is just SOOO hard to find a decent sounding djembe that is mechanically tuned and at a good price.

Today was just a day of feeling that I just didn’t do much.

I am however quite thankful for a person! HAHA! This person followed my blog and watched out for me. So yeah, have been fun talking to this person. This person made me teach resistance in a circuit to this person’s Sister. While this person goes to sleep… WOW! HAHAHA! Okok! Thank you so much! Appreciate it! 🙂

Been good lah! Just a little heartbroken over my kid.