=419= Reflections: Faithful

Let me start by saying that God is VERY faithful to me. I thought I  would waste my holidays away, but NO! I am getting a very good job with decent pay. Now reflecting after my 5 months internship, I was a horrible intern in Grace Media. Honestly, if I were to do the exact same thing again, I will slap myself. NO WAY. Buck up and do a WAY better job this time, Kelvin.

I just read a blog, it is funny, like the person hasn’t updated in months, so I began to read the person’s older posts.

It was so raw. I enjoy such posts because I am actually knowing you better.

Lord, may I commune in a raw manner with you too.

Yes God, be significant in my life.

I am seeing that you are pouring a lot of favour my way. I give thanks, God. Next year, I am probably taking up new roles that I have never taken up before. Lord, please equip me. I am already feeling inadequate in where I am, new and heavier responsibilities? Father, how can you have such faith in me? I don’t even have such faith in myself.

However, I remind myself that this life isn’t about me, it is about you Lord. So I worship you, Father. Teach me how to live out my life for you.

Teach me how to rely on you for strength God.

Thank you Father.



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