=421= Worship On/Off Stage: Full Volume

Well, today was Full Volume, it really was a time when it must be God working, because, honestly, my playing is SUPER off form, time keeping? HA. Shaky inconsistencies.

However, somehow God used my imperfect playing and led the band well. It honestly was quite tough to manage SOO many things. Time-keeping with the metronome, listening to the worship leader, playing the right groove and parts. There were just too many things to handle. I really found myself distracted and it was difficult to worship or play. Probably due to a lack of practice with the click and band for so many months. Having difficult songs was also tough, but fun lah! SOO much syncopation. I just felt that it was bad because like everyone isn’t together because I would speed up here and there. Oh well, time to work on the click!

I did surprise myself with some stuff that I have played. Like Glorious Ruins, I didn’t follow what I prepared. I felt inspired to play a rumble with the back beat on the rims. Somehow, it works! Like it was really what I was inspired to do and in that prayer when Sam was praying over the congregation, WOW, there was this release in my heart. That was probably my personal breakthrough in my worship.

Then, at G1, for Sing and Shout, we did the chorus quite often, to the point when I found that the beat was a bit boring. Then, slowly, I crashed more and more and eventually, I played a ride beat, quite nice! HAHA! I mean at least one more level of dynamics.

I honestly, kept on speeding up. I think it is a result of me being used to using the metronome. Now I can hear myself when I am speeding up. Like it is WAY more obvious to me now.

However, what surprised me was that Bro Leb told me that I did a good job after service. I WAS SOOOOOOO SURPRISED. HAHAHA! Come to think of it, is this the first time Leb said that to me about my playing? I think so leh! HAHA!

To God be the glory, because, not my playing that is great, it is my God that is great!

Thank you Lord, may I continue to worship you for the rest of my life!



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