=423= Reflections: Thousands Elsewhere

A very farmilar song has this line “better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere.”

I actually don’t really relate to this well over the years. Reason being, I am a very practical and straightforward thinking person. I imagined a kingdom of God and a kingdom somewhere else and like how, God’s kingdom is better.

Me entering Grace Media once again shifted my thinking and made me understand this.

It really isn’t a secret that I really didn’t enjoy myself in my school internship for the past five months, just stalk this blog for a while and you will find posts complaining constantly. Sure it isn’t a life that won’t work, but it really isn’t a life I wanted.

Over there, people weren’t nice, people backstab each other as if the people there were their enemies and act as if they are friends in front of them. They say things in front of the higher authority to bring you down and bring themselves up. In the entire company, there are only a few people I don’t have any problems with. These people are gems for the company I tell you. Zai is still one of the best man I know, the hardest working man that I have ever seen. He is amazing. If they ever let him go, they will lose practically a whole department.

Arrogant, hypocritical, sarcastic, no sense of limits, joke at the expense of others and extremely hard to work with.

In Grace, I worked here for less than a week, I am loving it already. Not that it is more slack, (it may be) but the people there are definitely better. Till today, I still think that Chris is an amazing boss. He is very very very good. Stern but caring. Honestly, he can don’t accept me interning here one, but he still went for it for me. I am very grateful. He also took time out to teach me the system, teaching things that I have never known.

I was talking to a friend. He told me, “Do I regret leaving? Yes, every single day of my life. I am not happy at work. Once I earned enough, I will come back again.”

That was when I realised that that was the same sentiment. I really would hate going back to my company to work again. Honestly, unless you pay me higher, I am not going to even bother.

Even though I will be working way more days per week for Grace, I am honestly not worrying that I will burn out. No I won’t. You have no idea how well they are treating me as compared to my company.

When asked, I will always tell them that they treat me TOO well compared to my internship company.

It is true, I rather work in Grace for a lower pay than to go work in the company for higher pay.

The reason why better is one day in God’s courts than thousands elsewhere is the role in the house. Are you a servant? Or are you a Son?

Very different roles.

I really would rather stay there for One day than spend the rest of my holidays with my company.

Thank you God for blessing me!