=416= Reflections: Pray For Me


AHAHAHA! Talk to me! It will be quite fun! 😁 I didn’t know that someone would stalk me on Facebook!

Welcome! This is just a platform where I get to do all my ranting and reflecting on certain events and issues. You will probably see a lot of random gear talks about things that I cannot afford. If you are a friend, all these posts are my thoughts, so please don’t come up to me and read my post out loud to me. PLEASE! I don’t mind talking about my blog face to face! Just don’t read my posts out loud! THANK YOU! πŸ™‚

Today was a good day!

First, I let Javier try to do sound by himself today and he performed spectacularly. He was still a bit afraid to manage the crowd, but apart from that, he could do most of what I have taught him! So yeah, very proud of him! πŸ™‚ I told him that the next time he will have to handle everything alr. Like from troubleshooting to like EQ. It was fun playing with effects on the board too! πŸ™‚

Then during worship, Wah the radio frequency interference was just… -.- I guess really need to change the groups and channels or get the mic transmitter replaced. Only having four mics is a bit limiting. 😦 I need a lapel mic!

Worship still went well nevertheless! Daniel played decently! Just a bit rushed in tempo on the last song. So yeah good job Bro! Just continue to learn how to play in a band and be more comfortable to play! You can do this!

Then, I was really quite disappointed that we didn’t go up to Jordan for lesson. 😦 I am the kinda person that likes to have a room so that whatever we share or say in the room is confidential and protected. Having a room to myself gives me the chance to control the atmosphere too.

Nevertheless, God was still faithful, it was a good lesson and time.

Ok some back story to my lesson. There were legacies in footsteps left by Tat Wai, he taught the gospel with leg hair. His shortest lesson was 2 minutes+. I actually really admire him for a lot of things! Then, if anyone knows me, I am someone that seldom follow the book every week because I see the growth of my cell and I will cater accordingly. However, since we follow the book quite closely in Emerge, I had to follow as well.

So instead of not following the book for a week and kill my co-leaders the next week, I decided to compress my lesson to as short as possible and then do what I want!

So the record I hold right now is 4 minutes+, nowhere near Tat Wai’s, but it is quality over quantity! So I rather slow down and explain slowly to them!

Then the prayer thing was good! πŸ™‚ there were a few people disengaged, but apart from that, most of them were attentive and serious. Some even got angry at some of the not serious people! People asked if they could hug pray one line and I am ok. This is because, I was their age before and prayer was honestly one of the scariest things I had to do in church. That was why I made an “everyone is doing it together atmosphere.”

I basically had everyone write their name and prayer request on a piece of paper. Jumbled the prayer request. Have everyone lay hands and pray for one person, but the person holding the paper will pray out loud!

It was quite a special moment! These P5s are excersizing their gifts and prayer. It is all good! πŸ™‚

Then sharing was nice! Been a while since we last did sharing! It was good! πŸ™‚

Then while I was packing stuff, Rachel asked me to teach her kid drums. In which I did! It was cool! Like I got to show her some stuff! More people should come and learn stuff! YES! HAHA!

Then, it was a nice time of going back home with Shena and Joseph! It has been good!

Thank you God!



=415= Words of Joy: 1Am

Well, after these few days of such annoying self worth depression. I came back and it was comfortable.

Interesting really.

I don’t know how. I don’t know when, I guess I just wanted it to be different.

I think it is just my overthinking and overreacting brain. My emotions need to stop.

Well I did the 16personalities test recently. And one of the trait that they said about my personality was that I don’t like to face problems and tend to run away from them.

I actually thought it wasn’t the case. But as I observed. It is actually true.

Like in that moment of conflict. I rather walk away. Then return to say sorry. But I seldom like to continue to talk to you if I sense irritation. 😦

So yeah, Lord, teach me the wisest way to react.

Also, I had a weird dream that woke me up so hard. That when I woke up, I was so scared that I really started singing “Jesus Loves me” and praying to God.

It isn’t bothering me as much, but like I just really want to know what was that. Was that a spiritual Attack? 😦

Oh well! Thank you God for blessing me!


=413= Reflections: Busan

Oh well, if anyone is keeping track, my internship report and presentation is overrrr!

The presentation went ok, but the Q&A was a bit -sigh- Oh well.

Disappointed, but it is finally done. Spotted some mistakes in my report too. Cries… 😭

I am almost certain that my GPA will drop. Like, my supervisor assessment was poor, report was poor, presentation was poor. How not to drop sia.

But yeah lah. Thank God for wisdom to answer Mr Lau correctly. I do go around the bush, but yeah, my brain is like that. Lord, thank you!

Then I had an impromptu lunch with Elsa and ZF and movie afterwards. I actually wanted to watch Suicide squad, but ZF wanted to watch Train to Busan, so sure! Haha!

And the movie was INCREDIBLE!

I love how they manage to get all the jump scares in without it feeling too out of place. I love how they balanced adrenaline with spaces of security. I love how they were playing on relationships. I love how they portrayed human selfishness.

I really like the main character and how he developed. From a man that only cared for himself and his daughter. To the point that he even taught his daughter to be selfish. To slowly become a man that puts his life on the line for the people that he could save. Contrasting him to the selfish guy that sacrificed others to save himself. 

Watching a movie with ZF was hilliarious. She was talking all over the movie! “No, don’t let him die!” “Go and help him!”

But ok lah, I also do that! πŸ˜‚

The muscular guy in this movie was awesome! πŸ˜‚ he was punching throwing and muscling his way through the zombies! A+++

Though the ending was quite predictable, the movie was tense until the last moment. The uncertainty of whether they would make it or not was just there all the time. Making you engaged and pay attention to it so closely.

It is during such apocalyptic times that you will really see the true ugliness of humanity and you will start to question what is right and wrong.

Very interesting movie! Great to take my mind off the presentation! Thank you guys! πŸ™‚


=412= Words of Melancholy: Give

Don’t get me wrong, I love giving to my friends. I really do. However, after I give something to someone, I would really appreciate some response and some attention.

I was reading this other person’s blog and I really relate to the person quite a bit. It is hard to always be the person that initiates. It is hard to be the person giving the most in the friendship. I am really quite hurt when I see that more attention was given to someone that didn’t even do a single thing. It is as though the person only knows how to receive. I just wished that sometimes I wasn’t on the giving end. I mean. Come on. Just how one-sided can this friendship be?

Should I be wasting time? It really is very draining for me to put in so much effort and give so much of myself, only to get so little back.

I just wish to receive some attention back, is it really that hard? 😦

I however noticed that my temper has gotten REALLY bad after internship. I just get so angry and emotional at the smallest of things. Lord, what happened to my patience and forbearance?

Lord, how I must have broken your heart not giving you much attention even after you gave so much. Lord, the most true one-sided relationship is you and man. How wicked man it Lord. How they have strayed away from you.

Father, will you please stay with me? Guide me on how to become a better man. Thank you Lord!


=411= Thanksgving: Buddy

This is to a group of friends that I honestly appreciate so much.

This has nothing to do with the dog, Buddy, but yeah, he is VERY cute! πŸ™‚

Well, I really miss you guys man. I am at a stage in my life where I REALLY lack peers around my age. I mean, having peers in secondary school is fine and all, but it just isn’t the same you know?

I sometimes do find it a pity and regret a little that I am in N/A and in poly and I am like two years behind guys my age. Seeing my peers going to ORD this year and I still haven’t even enlisted yet.

Oh well, I pray that we will stay together like this for years to come. That we will treasure each other’s company until the day we die. I may be a bit naive. I mean, so far, I only have one friendship that lasted longer than 8 years and honestly that friendship isn’t that strong as well. I pray that God will be willing to let us stay together as a group of God fearing friends that will continue to love each other.

May we never and I mean never take our friendships for granted.

Ok back to the knee piercing internship presentation slides.

Please pray for me guys, I am dying here… 😦


=410= Reflections: Intern, δΊ”ζœˆε€©, Report

This is very unlike me, normally after every single significant event I would take some time out to reflect and write something. However, due to the hair pulling, eyes melting, ears exploding, nose cringing, mouth expanding, head chopping, body impaling, lungs crushing, arm twisting and leg flattening report, I really don’t have enough time to write out everything. I will probably write after I finished my presentation. Do be patient with me during this time ok? Report is VERY siao. So now, I will just write very brief descriptions over here, you want details? Wait, or ask me in real life.

Intern – was good overall, tired and depressed over a few things my supervisors said, went back to get things signed, it was still very warm, I do feel like I belong somewhere. Boss is nice most of the time, but stern. Got cool stuff that I can never afford.

δΊ”ζœˆε€© – MOST AMAZING SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. Incredible music, incredible stage presence, engagement and stamina. Audio mix sounds better on the cheaper seats. Lights and video were the most perfect lighting and video show I have ever watched. That is how you use an LED wall, that is how you use incredible lights! Not glaring or hard to watch whatsoever. Cannot state this enough, both nights were wonderful.

Report – please kill me now. HELPPP MEEEEE. OHHHH MY GOODNESSS. I NEEDD MORE TIMEEEE. Condensing my entire 22 weeks into one report with words was just TOO MUCH WORK. My brain is dying. I just kept getting distracted with what I like to do, I need to discipline myself. 😦

Miss a few friends of mine, really wanna meet up soon. Ok can!

Goodnight guys! Pokemon Go is wonderful by the way, but my data is crying… 😭😭😭