=429= Words of Joy: Family

I have this longing to be really tight with a group of people exclusively like family for a very long time.

I really want to you know be able to be share vulnerably with them and really love and feel loved.

As quite a turbulent melancholic, I would just lament everyday. Today was a day that I really feel like I belong to a family.

Today there were a lot of problems with the stage sound for J333. I shall not mention why, but yeah, I was REALLY pissed. Everything was so irritating.

It was so bad I really needed to take a break. I didn’t want to attend J333 at all. I went to bethel to hear the orchestra. WAH SOOO good Sia. Even with a simple analog board and simple microphones he was able to make everything sound amazing.

Then there was a problem. I still couldn’t figure out what was the problem, but yeah, I was just… Argh.

Then beyond that, I put in effort to teach afterwards but -sigh- never mind.

I rather let Javier or Faith do. -.-

I talked to Rowell about this and he was so kind to let me knock off early to eat with my friends. I really give thanks for good supervisors.

I told him about my previous company. I told him all about how I was mistreated and I contrasted it to how well they are treating me. Oh my goodness. It was really heaven and hell kinda of difference.

Thank you God for a group of friends that would hear me rant about work. Goodness.

Thank God for an opportunity to encourage a fellow extra year.

Thank God.



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