=434= Words of Joy: Birthday 2016

Well, I am writing this particular sentence while waiting for my family to come for dinner. I might probably complete this post later on.

So yeah, today is my birthday. For once in a very long time, I don’t actually dread my birthday.

Why in the world will someone dread his birthday? Many reasons. It is a reminder that you are one year older and that means more responsibilities and burdens. It is a reminder of how lonely you are, when friends don’t exactly know it is your birthday. It is just a lot of things that I don’t exactly know why people celebrate.

Perhaps it was because I had a closer relationship with the cell and like I was less lonely. Perhaps it was because I was so lonely the past two birthdays, I have gotten used to it?

This year was really so wonderful celebration wise. One, Agape bought me a cake and made me crawl all over the hall blindfolded. It was hillarious. Received such a long note from Denise and nice card from the cell. Two, my colleagues paid for my lunch today and gave me tiramisu with a pocky as a candle. Honestly, they are such a delight to work with. After today, I honestly felt so sad leaving work. I am going to miss working with them. Three, got to have a good dinner. HOWEVER, next time, if it is my birthday meal, DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE THE DISHES! :< I am probably the most Sui Bian person in my family. You guys order! Don’t make me choose. Four, I got to celebrate it with my Grandmother.

Guys, I covet your prayers. I don’t care if you don’t pray for me. Pray for my grandma. She is going for an eye surgery on the 4th of October. When I realised that I won’t be here when that happens, my heart just sank. When I told my family, I just teared uncontrollably. Please pray that everything will go well and that nothing serious or complicated will happen to my grandma. Please pray for her.

It is when things like this happen that you realise how little you can control. Instead of celebrating me on my birthday, celebrate that God’s hand has been on my life for the past 20 years.

Inspired to write a story on the devil tempting three people to give up their inheritance.

Dear God, please protect my grandma Lord. Please heal her eyes. Please allow her to somehow come to know you God. Please allow my feelings to reach her and allow her to come to know you one day Lord.

Thank you Father.



PS: I also received messages from dear friends from quite long ago. Thank God that they still care for me! 🙂


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