=447= Reflections: Trip Part 2: A Few Things

Before I do a chronological run down of the trip. Let me just comment on what I think the country I went was great in and my own country can definitely can grow in.

1. Faith
Enough said. There seem to be a lack of faith in the people in my own country. I was reminded of how simple faith could be in a country like that. PM have been show us all these videos and stories of miracles and how even with faith to pray for someone, if the person receiving the prayer doesn’t have faith, he won’t receive the miracle. There is faith needed in both parties.

2. Excitement to worship
When I returned back to my country and attended J333. The first thing I immediately noticed was the worship. Everyone just simply strolled in to worship God. During worship, the sound was perfect, no feedback, not too loud, everyone was clapping on beat, the music was perfect, the right notes were hit on time and the lyrics and backgrounds on easy worship were great. However, somehow, the presence felt like it was normal and granted. I was so depressed. It was as if no one came to expect something big about being able to worship God in such a comfortable building. People from the country I was in, traveled all the way down to the conference site to simply spend 3 days with God. Such extents to worship God is really admirable. Such desire and anticipation, oh how I wish the people of my country will have that fire.

3. How God Used Me
Well, I think we all need to grow in this. I really didn’t think that I would make much impact with my testimony, I mean, I really didn’t know that the country I went and the country I am in are similar. So when PM said that my testimony would be very relatable and powerful for them, I was honestly surprised. When I said it, it was really what I wanted to hear when I was young.

God also used me in many other ways.

For one, I was asked out of the blue by the local team to help them play drums. I was like, “WHAT?!” So I simply went up to play 2-3 songs that I have never heard before, that was in a different language. I was so stunned. Not only that, though I felt that it was messy, I received praises from everyone. Saying that I played very well; that I blended into the local team alr!

Next was my drum workshop, so you must understand this alright, my workshop was supposed to have only 20 students max. So we prepared 22 drum pads and somemore sticks. What happened was a total shock to me. When I entered the room, it was packed with students. My translator helped me group them into groups of 3 to one drum pad. Even then, I ran out of pads. Hence, what this meant was that I practically have like 60-70+ students, because 22×3=66 and some of the groups were like 4/5 people. It was extremely intimidating. The thought of me teaching so many people drums from a scratch terrified me. I always feel a bit inadequate to teach and correct people playing drums. I feel that I did become better, but in terms of skill, there is always someone better. However, I do want to teach because I want people that are interested to learn to come and be able to express themselves like how I do.

So what I did was simply to pray a prayer over myself and started teaching them drums without sticks. It is a pity that I was unable to teach proper stick holding.

So yeah, debrief tmr! Will be nice to spend time with them! 🙂


=445= Reflections: Trip Part 1: Pre-Trip

Well, I am probably not going to post this post until I am done with my photo editing. Which I am struggling to get out now. I filtered out 480/490+ shots out of 1252 shots and I am only at my 172nd shot as of now. So yeah, by the time you see this post, it should be done alr!

So let’s start with before the trip.

Honestly, my impression of such a trip is totally based on one back in SL. From my memory, trips like these are tiring, always doing something, always on the go, have activities Everyday. Wake up early everyday and sleep late everyday. So I was really quite concerned over what I am going to do/have to do because well, I wasn’t in Singapore for like 2/5 meetings. Like I really don’t want to be the person that slacks and not pull his own weight on a trip.

I didn’t even read the minutes.


So anyways my role on this trip was very simple. Photographer and teach a class of 20 how to play drums. Maybe give my testimony here and there.

We were told to write up our own testimony so that we won’t choke on stage when called to give our testimony. So I simply dug up my SL testimony and changed a few details here and there and fix the grammar. Not because I was lazy, but because I felt that my testimony was still as relevant as before.

So on our meetings, we were supposed to tell our team our testimony to bond the team together, so I felt that as a getting to know me testimony it wasn’t like very relevant. Hence I told one that has been in my head for a while. The one when I recalled that my mum was disappointed with my results and how amazed I was with how God worked through me through the years when I reflected upon it.

When I said it, PM said that the place was facing a similar situation and it is very competitive as well and my testimony would be very powerful for them. When I heard that, I was so encouraged. I mean I never thought my testimony of how amazed I was with how God had worked through me would actually touch anyone.

If anyone has talked to me about the trips I was going for, they would know that it was a back to back trip. I came back on the 9th and flew straight away on the 10th.

It was rather quite nice! I spent the morning with my mum and sis in Changi playing Pokemon. Then flew in the afternoon.

I was really afraid of being left out, because for one, I didn’t attend all the meetings and like I was the only youth there. That never happened at all! Never did I once feel like I was left out. Honest. Everyone was so friendly and fun. 

I will write indivually for each person on a later post. So yeah. Let me conclude the pre-trip reflections.

When I returned back to Singapore, I was humbled three times. Once again I am back onto the soil of the bane of my existence. Once again I need to face something that is bigger than myself. Only after I was humbled that God called me to speak. Now I will. Not for myself; but for God. Lord, humble me as many times as possible to make me awake again. May I rely on you Lord.

You don’t need a trip like this to shake you out of sin. You need God’s love. Lord, I am always uncertain and fearful for the roles and responsibilities given to me, but Lord, you shook me out of it and told me that you believed in me and loved me. So I give thanks.

Thank you God.



Ps: oh I realised I didn’t post any photos here! Cause I am not done with my edits and I think a vey long post will be very hard to read! So I just decided to break my trip experiences into parts! You will see! 🙂

=443= Reflections: Wits

I am bored to my wits here. Like ARGH.

Oh well, will reflect upon my trip soon. My friends are saying that I smell like spices. Oh well, they missed out on all the nice food!

I need to practice drums.

PsMC has really encouraged me. Now let’s look to the future with what God has given me.

Thank you God!



=444= Photalk: Growth

I just opened my previous Lightroom Catalogs to clear some space from my laptop. Some of the photos dates back to when I first started out photography last year. My work flow was messy, my compositions were bad. I was just taking images and not photos.

I notice this more and more through these two trips. My framing and composition has significantly improved since last year. Not only because I started using an all prime set up that my images start to look good. (Though the effects I am getting from primes are wonderful!) It is also the way I try to fill the frame, lighting, knowing which lens to use etc etc. 

It is like this, I frame a shot, I pass my camera to someone else so that I can be inside the photo, the framing is different and not as nice. 

Framing matters, that is why, there is a different look when a photographer and an amateur both use an Iphone to shoot.

What is a good photo? A picture that can capture what you want to convey.

If you want to convey sadness, if someone comes along and sees your photo and relate it to sadness, that photo is a good photo. No matter if it is blur or not sharp.

Rule of thumb, when deciding what to compromise, scenery or subject, always chose to compromise scenery. Subject is key.

For example, you are taking a group shot in front of a vast blue sky and the clouds are so nice. Would you choose to go closer to the group to show more of their faces? Or will you back up to capture more of the sky? Of course you can back up and ask the group to come closer, but let’s say you cannot. In my opinion, when you back up to capture more of the sky, you are losing the subject of your picture and you end up with many mediocre shots with neither scenery or subject. When you close in to shoot the group, sure, the scenery cannot be seen, but at least you are shooting a shot with people’s beautiful faces.

Or you know, just get a wide angle lens! HAHAHA!

Wide angles are still my favourite type of lenses, not because I can shoot better shots with them, but because I like its personality! The way it pushes and exaggerates the distances, the way it sucks what you want in, the way it can make it seem like clouds are converging. It is actually quite difficult to use too! So many times I need to go in SOOO close just to get the shot I want. Honestly, once you get and try a wide angle lens you will never look back.

I really wish someone can replicate the same converging effect and drama but with the same reach as a 50. Quite impossible I guess, but I really want such a lens.

I really thank God that he had given me so much to my visual skill set.

May I be able to continue to shoot.

Thank you God.



=442= Reflections: Impact

I guess the worth of an overseas trip is how it has impacted you after you have left the trip. A typical family trip can let you come back Singapore well rested. A school trip that I just went for in Sydney, left me with stronger friendships, new friends and a better idea of what I wanna do in the near future. Some hate and dislike has melted away and I am glad. Some are even getting stronger and closer now.

I really hope that this trip would impact me and change my life and my view on it. Lord, I really want to see change and see how you are moving. It honestly seems like a wonderful country so far. The temperature is cooler than Singapore, so that is good!

Thankful for a conversation that just happened. Interesting stuff. It is very good that I am able to be so close! 🙂

Cannot wait to see the rest of the year unfold!

Thank you God! 🙂



=441= Words of Joy: Bad Turned Good

I was actually vey happy when the question revealed and it was actually such a good compliment.

I honestly don’t know me, I observe and I am very conscious of what I do, but yeah that is it. I cannot see my expressions and read the situation for myself.

It is good to have people from the outside looking in.

Lord, how can I even live up to that expectation? HAHA! Lord, you make me one!

Well, I guess all the waiting  and learning how to love people worked! HAHA!

Ok goodnight! 🙂


=439= Words of Melancholy: Too Many

Tonight, while walking back, I saw a homeless person and I wanted to give him some money. I gave him whatever was on me, like $11.30. Then I walked a street down, another person begging on their knees. Another, sleeping out in the open.

Then I walked down and heard someone preaching with a speaker on the streets.

My heart broke for the people. However, after giving my $11.30 to the first guy, I had nothing more to give to the rest. I honestly could only pray for them. Listening to the guy preach about Jesus just made me so infuriated. Freaking hell, you have so much time to preach on a street with no one listening, go and help those homeless people!

What broke my heart even more was when I gave my $11.30, the guy told me God bless. This guy had practically nothing on him, but he is blessing me. He is honouring God. Lord, teach me to be like that, to praise you even when I have nothing to offer.

Lord, please help these people.