=436= Reflections: Syd

Well, I private-d the last post because one hour after that post, I enjoyed myself going to the supermarket and spending time with them. So yeah. It has been good. Enjoying something else too! 🙂

So yeah been good.

People have been praising my photos on this trip. One guy even asked me for advice. Well, I am honestly not that great lah huh. I just practiced a lot with manual focus, exposure compensation and understanding what lens will get what kinda effects.

My recent obsession was to use a wide angle lens to shoot practically everything. I love it! It is so good to play around with the distortion and effects. People get so surprised when I get so close to them to take a photo. Shooting clouds with a wide angle lens just makes the clouds look like it is converging! Freaking cool! Having good coating on the lens that is able to recover enough detail when I compensate helps A TON! So far, I have been shooting practically 50%-60% of my shots on my new Samyang 12mm f2 wide angle lens on this trip. Reason being, a wide angle lens just had that look that no other lens can replicate. OH how I wish I can get the reach of a normal lens but with the perspective of a wide angle. But no! Normal is normal, tele is tele.

My new short telephoto Sigma 60mm f2.8 is nice! Very nice. It being focus by wire didn’t affect me at all! The manual focus, auto focus, all is freaking good. The only down side, f2.8! 😭 COME ON! Give me the same quality focus system and that f1.4 aperture and you will have a FANTASTIC winner in your 30mm. I still cry at the speed of focus for the 30mm DC DN.

However, I seldom use the 60mm because a 90mm equivalent isn’t something I need to use all the time. I don’t take portraits on a travel trip. I mean, if you take a portrait with a 60mm, you will blur out the background and probably not have enough field of view to capture the scenery, then there isn’t any point anymore.

However, the 60mm will probably be a freaking nice lens for portraits and some close up candid shots. Will have to experiment and try! But so far, I think I am already used to the 12mm, but the 60mm still needs time for me to practice and try, but so far, the shooting experience with it just blew me away! Very good!

Travelling with only primes is actually quite mafan. As I am traveling with a big group, changing lenses is a bit difficult to do quickly. Zooms are definitely more convinient than primes, but primes are better in image quality! Not just because of bokeh, but because of price, image quality and effects.

I really give thanks for some friendships. Over text the past few days, I arranged for a dinner that I am going to be so glad to go for. It is going to be so much fun! Another one that just has been with me since planning my birthday. Another one that would stay with me when I go on my own.

Very thankful. I really do highly suspect that my top love language is gifts.

I really hope my SD cards can hold enough space. For Sydney and India. My 16GB card left with 67 shots. Now to my 64GB one. Should be enough lah huh!

Staying with these people for so long really does help in the bonding. I really want to kinda at least talk to more year 2s.

I wanna go Bangkok… 😭 HAHA, you can ask me why!

Finally, I have another thought. Until I say the words and admit to it, no matter how much you think that it is true you cannot prove it. So yeah! TOO BAD! HAHA!

For the record, my gmail name was chosen because I was young. HAHAHA! No other comments.

I love how people I tell my stories to mix the characters up! So yeah! HAHAHA!

So yeah! Good night guys!



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