=439= Words of Melancholy: Too Many

Tonight, while walking back, I saw a homeless person and I wanted to give him some money. I gave him whatever was on me, like $11.30. Then I walked a street down, another person begging on their knees. Another, sleeping out in the open.

Then I walked down and heard someone preaching with a speaker on the streets.

My heart broke for the people. However, after giving my $11.30 to the first guy, I had nothing more to give to the rest. I honestly could only pray for them. Listening to the guy preach about Jesus just made me so infuriated. Freaking hell, you have so much time to preach on a street with no one listening, go and help those homeless people!

What broke my heart even more was when I gave my $11.30, the guy told me God bless. This guy had practically nothing on him, but he is blessing me. He is honouring God. Lord, teach me to be like that, to praise you even when I have nothing to offer.

Lord, please help these people.




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