=444= Photalk: Growth

I just opened my previous Lightroom Catalogs to clear some space from my laptop. Some of the photos dates back to when I first started out photography last year. My work flow was messy, my compositions were bad. I was just taking images and not photos.

I notice this more and more through these two trips. My framing and composition has significantly improved since last year. Not only because I started using an all prime set up that my images start to look good. (Though the effects I am getting from primes are wonderful!) It is also the way I try to fill the frame, lighting, knowing which lens to use etc etc. 

It is like this, I frame a shot, I pass my camera to someone else so that I can be inside the photo, the framing is different and not as nice. 

Framing matters, that is why, there is a different look when a photographer and an amateur both use an Iphone to shoot.

What is a good photo? A picture that can capture what you want to convey.

If you want to convey sadness, if someone comes along and sees your photo and relate it to sadness, that photo is a good photo. No matter if it is blur or not sharp.

Rule of thumb, when deciding what to compromise, scenery or subject, always chose to compromise scenery. Subject is key.

For example, you are taking a group shot in front of a vast blue sky and the clouds are so nice. Would you choose to go closer to the group to show more of their faces? Or will you back up to capture more of the sky? Of course you can back up and ask the group to come closer, but let’s say you cannot. In my opinion, when you back up to capture more of the sky, you are losing the subject of your picture and you end up with many mediocre shots with neither scenery or subject. When you close in to shoot the group, sure, the scenery cannot be seen, but at least you are shooting a shot with people’s beautiful faces.

Or you know, just get a wide angle lens! HAHAHA!

Wide angles are still my favourite type of lenses, not because I can shoot better shots with them, but because I like its personality! The way it pushes and exaggerates the distances, the way it sucks what you want in, the way it can make it seem like clouds are converging. It is actually quite difficult to use too! So many times I need to go in SOOO close just to get the shot I want. Honestly, once you get and try a wide angle lens you will never look back.

I really wish someone can replicate the same converging effect and drama but with the same reach as a 50. Quite impossible I guess, but I really want such a lens.

I really thank God that he had given me so much to my visual skill set.

May I be able to continue to shoot.

Thank you God.




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