=445= Reflections: Trip Part 1: Pre-Trip

Well, I am probably not going to post this post until I am done with my photo editing. Which I am struggling to get out now. I filtered out 480/490+ shots out of 1252 shots and I am only at my 172nd shot as of now. So yeah, by the time you see this post, it should be done alr!

So let’s start with before the trip.

Honestly, my impression of such a trip is totally based on one back in SL. From my memory, trips like these are tiring, always doing something, always on the go, have activities Everyday. Wake up early everyday and sleep late everyday. So I was really quite concerned over what I am going to do/have to do because well, I wasn’t in Singapore for like 2/5 meetings. Like I really don’t want to be the person that slacks and not pull his own weight on a trip.

I didn’t even read the minutes.


So anyways my role on this trip was very simple. Photographer and teach a class of 20 how to play drums. Maybe give my testimony here and there.

We were told to write up our own testimony so that we won’t choke on stage when called to give our testimony. So I simply dug up my SL testimony and changed a few details here and there and fix the grammar. Not because I was lazy, but because I felt that my testimony was still as relevant as before.

So on our meetings, we were supposed to tell our team our testimony to bond the team together, so I felt that as a getting to know me testimony it wasn’t like very relevant. Hence I told one that has been in my head for a while. The one when I recalled that my mum was disappointed with my results and how amazed I was with how God worked through me through the years when I reflected upon it.

When I said it, PM said that the place was facing a similar situation and it is very competitive as well and my testimony would be very powerful for them. When I heard that, I was so encouraged. I mean I never thought my testimony of how amazed I was with how God had worked through me would actually touch anyone.

If anyone has talked to me about the trips I was going for, they would know that it was a back to back trip. I came back on the 9th and flew straight away on the 10th.

It was rather quite nice! I spent the morning with my mum and sis in Changi playing Pokemon. Then flew in the afternoon.

I was really afraid of being left out, because for one, I didn’t attend all the meetings and like I was the only youth there. That never happened at all! Never did I once feel like I was left out. Honest. Everyone was so friendly and fun. 

I will write indivually for each person on a later post. So yeah. Let me conclude the pre-trip reflections.

When I returned back to Singapore, I was humbled three times. Once again I am back onto the soil of the bane of my existence. Once again I need to face something that is bigger than myself. Only after I was humbled that God called me to speak. Now I will. Not for myself; but for God. Lord, humble me as many times as possible to make me awake again. May I rely on you Lord.

You don’t need a trip like this to shake you out of sin. You need God’s love. Lord, I am always uncertain and fearful for the roles and responsibilities given to me, but Lord, you shook me out of it and told me that you believed in me and loved me. So I give thanks.

Thank you God.



Ps: oh I realised I didn’t post any photos here! Cause I am not done with my edits and I think a vey long post will be very hard to read! So I just decided to break my trip experiences into parts! You will see! 🙂


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