=447= Reflections: Trip Part 2: A Few Things

Before I do a chronological run down of the trip. Let me just comment on what I think the country I went was great in and my own country can definitely can grow in.

1. Faith
Enough said. There seem to be a lack of faith in the people in my own country. I was reminded of how simple faith could be in a country like that. PM have been show us all these videos and stories of miracles and how even with faith to pray for someone, if the person receiving the prayer doesn’t have faith, he won’t receive the miracle. There is faith needed in both parties.

2. Excitement to worship
When I returned back to my country and attended J333. The first thing I immediately noticed was the worship. Everyone just simply strolled in to worship God. During worship, the sound was perfect, no feedback, not too loud, everyone was clapping on beat, the music was perfect, the right notes were hit on time and the lyrics and backgrounds on easy worship were great. However, somehow, the presence felt like it was normal and granted. I was so depressed. It was as if no one came to expect something big about being able to worship God in such a comfortable building. People from the country I was in, traveled all the way down to the conference site to simply spend 3 days with God. Such extents to worship God is really admirable. Such desire and anticipation, oh how I wish the people of my country will have that fire.

3. How God Used Me
Well, I think we all need to grow in this. I really didn’t think that I would make much impact with my testimony, I mean, I really didn’t know that the country I went and the country I am in are similar. So when PM said that my testimony would be very relatable and powerful for them, I was honestly surprised. When I said it, it was really what I wanted to hear when I was young.

God also used me in many other ways.

For one, I was asked out of the blue by the local team to help them play drums. I was like, “WHAT?!” So I simply went up to play 2-3 songs that I have never heard before, that was in a different language. I was so stunned. Not only that, though I felt that it was messy, I received praises from everyone. Saying that I played very well; that I blended into the local team alr!

Next was my drum workshop, so you must understand this alright, my workshop was supposed to have only 20 students max. So we prepared 22 drum pads and somemore sticks. What happened was a total shock to me. When I entered the room, it was packed with students. My translator helped me group them into groups of 3 to one drum pad. Even then, I ran out of pads. Hence, what this meant was that I practically have like 60-70+ students, because 22×3=66 and some of the groups were like 4/5 people. It was extremely intimidating. The thought of me teaching so many people drums from a scratch terrified me. I always feel a bit inadequate to teach and correct people playing drums. I feel that I did become better, but in terms of skill, there is always someone better. However, I do want to teach because I want people that are interested to learn to come and be able to express themselves like how I do.

So what I did was simply to pray a prayer over myself and started teaching them drums without sticks. It is a pity that I was unable to teach proper stick holding.

So yeah, debrief tmr! Will be nice to spend time with them! 🙂



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