=457= Words of Joy: Two Pieces of Paper, Hot Cakes and Rainbow Ice Cream

Well, Thanks! Haha! I honestly didn’t think that this would be SOOO nice and good.

Perhaps we just really never had a real chat in months, it just felt nice to catch up, just chill and talk.

Questions were asked and answered. Irritation and concerns were expressed. Our lives were shared.

Over all, I thought that my decision to ask was correct. I have been dreading and like not really wanting to go for it, but, because I did, I really felt closer than before.

It really felt as if I just reunited with a close friend that came back from overseas.

Well, to the future I guess.

May what we talked today help us be better friends.


=456= Words of Joy: Pre-Enlistee IPPT

For those who have no idea, I had spent the past one month training for today. My Pre-Enlistee IPPT! Basically, if I could pass this, I could have a two month cut in my National Service! It isn’t because that I hate serving my country ok! Nothing could be further from the truth! It is my honour to serve my country! Oh how I give thanks that God has blessed me with this country. With such peace and security, it will be my privilege to protect it!

Honestly, even if I didn’t pass this, I would be ok with it! It will just be two more months of training to be fit and I will get paid anyway.

However, with this two extra months, I will be able to do quite a bit more! Like find a job, travel etc etc! πŸ™‚

I really wanna go O with PsM!

So I really wanted this extra two months so that I can get quite a bit more done!

So it all began when I decided to meet EnMing, Daniel, Jun Kang about like three or four weeks back. I told them that my NAPFA was like in less than a month’s time, on 24 November. So EnMing made a schedule for me, so I would do like 50push-ups, 50 sit-ups Everyday. At least 2.4km running twice a week!

I managed to do it faithfully every week! However, I think my push-ups are still quite bad. Like I can get quantity over the day, but not subsequently! So when I tried just now, it was just… 😭

However, because of this, I really gained a bit more upper body strength. (Though, it is really a little) But my abdomen muscle really strengthened!

It was really tiring and tough.

I am not a sportsmen!

The most I ever was, was a swimmer, marathon runner or a cyclist and all I ever did was for leisure and hobby.

So when I started this regime, it was torturous. Absolutely torturous. My arms would ache everyday and at one point my calves were aching for one whole day.

Running 2.4km came as a HUGE shock to me. When I first started, I could get 11 minutes 28 seconds.

However, that was without doing push-ups and sit-ups before running.

So when I tried together, GOODNESS… SOOO difficult! My time plummeted to 13 minutes 59 seconds. 

That totally freaked me out. Seriously. I knew I had to train together now, if I don’t, I won’t be able to perform as well.

Hence I attempted again. I improved only slightly, 13 minutes 35 seconds. 

It was this day that I bumped into my Boys’ Bridgade Seniors. Thank God I bumped into them! They were God-sent! They were chatting and talking to me about army/uni/work life and we talked about IPPT. At that point, I had already finished the run. They asked if I ran in intervals. I knew about the interval training thing, but I never knew how to do it practically.

They told me to try to run one round 1 minute 40 seconds. Then rest. Then run again. That resulted in this!

It is my best time, but this is intervals! Not counted!

So I tried again the next day morning!

HORRIBLE time! I mean for internal running, because I was honestly, SOOO tired.

Then when I got to school, the whole day was just aching calves. Thank God that my legs recovered two days later for today.

Today, eating anything was horrible. I wast actually hungry, but I had to force myself to eat something. I REALLY wanted to eat Chilli, but I cannot, so I am really sad. Dried wanton Hor fun with no Chilli is NOT NICE AT ALL… 😭

Actually after this one month of training, not doing push-ups or sit-ups two days before the test actually felt weird! Haha, maybe I would continue to train after this!

So what happened was this.

We reached the test site early. Changed into our clothes. Tested our height and weight and we registered.

Thank goodness we were together.

We did the three stations that didn’t mattered first. So honestly, I didn’t really put my best in them, because I REALLY wanted to save energy for the three most important ones!

Push-ups. Cries. ARGHHHH. Stupid. I did 22 push-ups. That was like 30/40 seconds into the minutes. When going up from my 22nd, the strength from my arms left me. I was only halfway up, but my arms locked in place because I didn’t have strength to push anymore. Then my knees touched the floor. 😦 I trained so hard… 😦 oh well!

Sit-ups, now we are talking! HAHA! My partner did 38. When it was my turn, the instructor cheered me on! When I heard him count down, I knew I had to go a bit more, I pushed and pushed on and I got, 52!!!!! WHOOO! Proper ones! Elbows to knees, without any bad form! Personal best! 😁

Then the run. Oh man. HAHA. I was like out of breath and thirsty at this point. I saw my score and I had 33/50 from the two stations. So all I needed was 28 more points to pass. I didn’t know why, I didn’t check the time that would be, I guess, I thought that it would limit me. Like, if I thought that I had a safety net, I won’t have done the whole thing better!

So this is another thing that I give thanks for. As our numbers were 31-40, we weren’t the first to run and that gave us time to rest and hydrate. That gave us a good 15-20 minutes to rest. That was honestly enough. My breathing and heartbeat got back to normal and I am calm again. I managed to drink enough water so that my throat won’t be dry.

Then when we ran, I was just so happened to be in the front row. So we started. I ran, I slowed myself down because I knew that I was running too fast and would burn out. So I paced. I thought that I would be a bit breathless by the first half of the first round, but I wasn’t! I was thinking, wow, My seniors’ advice to run in intervals was really good! Then I finished the first round with 1 minute 40 seconds together with JJ.

I was honestly thinking of having JJ as my pacer because he is a marathon runner and knows how to pace. However, with me in front, I couldn’t. I had to pace myself. Then as more rounds passed, I found myself surprised that JJ was not behind me. I started being surprised that I am actually going through the run quite well. None of my classmates were in front of me. I really expected Janzen and JJ to be in front of me, because one is a dancer and the other is a marathon runner. In fact, I think there were only 1-4 people from my group that was in front of me. I honestly cannot remember who is in my group or not, I was too focused on running and pacing myself that I didn’t notice.

So I just ran. The last round. I decided to do something different; I increased the stride of my running and forced myself to run faster. At the bend, I heard from behind me, this guy started to sprint. At the back of my head I went, “NO! I will not let you beat me at the last 100m!”

Hence, I began to sprint as well. I sprint out and I ended the run before him. I stopped my watch timer at 11 minutes 18 seconds because I took several seconds to rest and respond. I am faster than all my classmates. Janzen, quickly joined at 11 minutes 30 seconds. JJ came in 12 minutes! My actual recorded time was 11 minutes 13 seconds! 


I mean really! Honestly!

This is actually my best time in ever! REALLY!

In secondary school, I remembered the best I ever gotten was 12 minutes+. In my training, the best I ever gotten was 13 minutes+. Never in my life had I gotten a time like this that would get me the extra 36 points I needed.

In fact, I think that the board was outdated or I read it wrong, I actually have another point because of sit-ups.

Hence, I finished the whole Pre-Enlistee IPPT with 70 points, 9 points more than what was need to get that 2 months off!

Praise the Lord!

If He didn’t provide the three brothers that would encourage me during the long training regime. If He didn’t provide my BB seniors in time. If He didn’t provide me with the rest time in between stations. If He didn’t provide encouragement through the people around me and the three other brothers taking the test with me, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get the pass I needed!

So yeah! I am very thankful! πŸ™‚

Above is a photo of us after the run! All sweaty and tired! It had been much fun! πŸ™‚

However, I needed to rush home because of dinner at my grandmother’s place. So I went off, a bit tired and hungry. Thank God that I didn’t eat my breakfast this morning and bought carrot cake. I could eat the Matcha red bean Swiss roll for a bit of sustanence!

 Then on the way back, I found Aaron Kok’s twin! HAHAHA!

Over all, I am actually very satisfied with my results!

  • 22 Push-ups: 11 points
  • 52 Sit-ups: 23 points
  • 11 minutes and 13 seconds: 36 points
  • Total: 70 points!

Thank God for all the favour He had thrown my way! πŸ™‚

Thank you Father!



=455= Relfections: Humble

There have been many repeating messages for me to be humble.

Be humble and be proud of what God had given you.
Sounds a bit contradicting, but it isn’t! When people praise you for your giftings and you go “no lah, no lah! Did you see how bad I played?” That isn’t being humble. That is you looking at yourself and thinking I didn’t play well. When you say, “All praise to God!” You are ascribing the glory to God. Pushing the attention off your playing, but onto God.

How did you start out to play drums? How did you play a beat? You read note by note. Be humble; read note by note, count the number of bars and don’t let muscle memory limit what you can play.
Well, I guess when I started playing in church, I seldom worry about the number of bars etc etc. As a reasult, a lot of what I play is based on muscle memory, that is why over time I became a kinesthetic learner. I practice until I am comfortable to play without looking at anything. In a way I thought that it was freeing me to play some stuff, but in another ways, it actually limits my playing because of attention to detail. Quite often you will only focus on the big picture and not the little details and this will limit your playing.

You think you know everything! Be humble!
I think that after doing one job for several years, one would eventually understand the flow and know what they are doing. However, if you become complacent and not humble, you will not learn to improve further. It actually reminded me of a few people in my internship company. They had such bad basics in the things that they were doing. They were doing ok and that was good enough for them, nothing more. Such sloth and bad attitude disgusted me, but now I am guilty of such an attitude.

Ok God, I will be humble! 

Thank you Lord.



=454= Thanksgiving: Amber Glow

Let me start off this post with an admiration for the amber glow that happened during sunset.

Normally, when the sun goes down, there will be this period of time where sunlight will be very directional and the colour will be very warm. This is what people call, the golden hour. This hour, will have very nice directional light with hard shadows and nice hair glow if you take portraits. After this hour, the colour temperature will change to a cooler blue and slowly the light will disappear. During this period, you won’t see hard shadows and the buildings around you will look as if it had a blue tint.

Today, on my way to my grandma’s I witnessed something very cool and amazing. I witnessed the light slowly disappearing with an amber tint. It was beautiful! All the street lights were on, but the sun light dissipated with a yellowish amber tone. Just so nice! I am really reminded of how great God is. 

Today was great. I think everyone just needed a break from school.

First thought of the day: Why would I as a person bring something to the light if I would only be scolded and reprimanded for it?

My answer was, “because I know that I needed to be scolded and reprimanded.”

(This is going to sound strange)

Oh the joy to be scolded; to have someone that will correct you when you do something wrong. I dread the reprimand of course, I don’t go, OH YES! HE IS GOING TO SCOLD ME, I am still scared. However, I bring it out to the light so that I can get wisdom and help. So yeah. I am blessed! πŸ™‚

Cycling to JJ’s house was wonderful! It was actually FASTER than if I took a bus! It took less than 45 minutes, even with me pausing to play Pokemon Go! πŸ˜‚

Honestly, FSD is really no chill. If we didn’t have this free day because our teachers are down, we would really struggle to get anything done at all.

Well, had a nice lunch with JJ. Was good! πŸ™‚

Cycling back in the rain was a stupid but fun decision.

I just thought, “Why not?”

HAHAHA! So I went ahead and cycled my first 6-8km in the rain! πŸ˜‚

The first few kilometres were fun with the adrenaline! It was so fun to act like Ko Teng from Apple of my Eye and shout, “SHEN CHIA YI, WO HAO XI HUAN NI!”

Then the last few were quite bad, especially down the bumpy Yio Chu Kang road. It was just a nice thing that I wanted to try! πŸ™‚

Oh and I actually broke my bottle on the way to JJ’s house. The bottle fell off the bicycle bottle holder. 😦 Now I needa get a new one.

Oh and I saw Nok Wan on the way there too! HAHA!

Well, cycling is very fun! Though I am getting hurt unnecessarily; scrapes here and there. My bicycle is very nice! To the next time that I will cycle to Coney Island and back!

Can I ask the crowd of my readers?

Do any of you have a friend that you have been friends with for a very long time, but only recently that you realise that even though you guys love each other and support each other, you guys actually know nothing about each other?

Isn’t it tragic? That your longest known friend is no longer someone you know well? That you cannot even support that friend in anyway that the friend needs and that friend cannot support you in anyway that you need?

Perhaps, we do need to talk. I am getting less and less patient and tolerant. I am getting tired. It is honestly draining to love someone when there is little response. I am just about to give. -sigh-

Oh well, perhaps everything is just in my head.

Maybe it is really time to move on.

For the record, I tried doing something on the 30 of Oct. There wasn’t any response. -sigh- Well, I guess that is one thing less on my mind.

Lord, be my fortress, protect me Lord.



=453= Words of Melancholy: The Heart

Sometimes the heart is heavy and I just think of all the possibilities. Sometimes the heart is jealous over something that God doesn’t allow you to have. Sometimes the heart deceives you.

Perhaps attention given isn’t equivalent to attention received.

Why does it hurt so much?

I do need to get my emotions in check.

Lord. Guard my heart. Heal it Lord.

Is pouring out love to people equate to your heart being pained so often?

Father, it sure isn’t nice to be taken for granted.

Teach me not to take others for granted.

Teach me how to be patient oh Lord.


=452= Reflections: Death Note Light Up The New World


Such a horrible movie.


Waste of my time and effort.


Such a disappointment. To think I was looking forward to it SOOO much that I went in the morning to buy the best seats in the cinema.

Why did Death Note: Light Up The New World fail so badly?

spoilers ahead, but seriously, just read, it has no value to the movie whatsoever. Enjoy being confused.

One, pacing. The movie was either too slow when it needs to be fast, or too fast when it needs to be slow. The starting sequence was way too draggy. The in between was too fast. The climax was too fast and too confusing. Tsk.

Second, too much redundant details and too many redundant characters with no background or character development. They began the whole movie with the Russian doctor finding a death note, attending to a patient that wanted to die, writing his name in the death note and shocked that he died. The whole scene was SOOO slow. Not only that, the doctor never made a second appearance until he died. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if you introduced the scene with a family coming together, when the patient dies and they cry over his death? Then have him narrate, “<name> Dies peacefully on 1 Nov, the victim’s family comes to see him for the last time, he sees them for the last time before he died.”
There you established his agenda. To help patients die peacefully he used the death note to kill. Then when the police hunts him down, he will react accordingly. Like he will surrender as his mission wasn’t to go against the police, but for his patients.

Then the frantic serial killer girl with Beppo. I thought that it was so interesting when she started killing everyone on the streets and the police chased her. However, she was killed once the sequence ended. She was supposed to be killed by Kira, but how in the world did he kill her? What is Beppo’s role in this whole thing? Just to tell them that there are 6 death notes in the world? Stupid.

Three, there are too many death notes in this story. As though the original wasn’t complicated enough with 2 death notes. This time round, they had six. Wow. Just wonderful. This resulted in character back stories not developed, agendas unsure, power struggle became between two people, not enough death gods to see and the weight of a death note became so little.

Four, rules of the death notes were uncertain and were NOT FOLLOWED. Come on! Part of why the first two movies were so nice was because the two main characters has to actually play by the rules. It was interesting seeing how Light and L bend the rules and use the rules against each other. In this movie, once you wrote the name in, the person dies, not after 60 seconds. A ridiculous part was when the police wanted to shoot Misa but she wrote so fast that the policemen died before they could shoot her. Unrealistic as heck. If this was possible, Light wouldn’t have died.

One thing the first two movies did very well was to weave in the rules in between scenes to remind audiences of the rules they have to adhere to.

I cannot stand the fact that the new Kira actually written the word, “Kira” in the death note. Have you actually watched the first movie and seen how Light so brilliantly wrote and manipulated people without specifics in the Death Note?

If the death was so simple and the death note can make you do anything before you die, then why even care? Just write everyone’s name on the death note and manipulate them to die on different occasions with different cause of death.

Five, WHY IS MISA AMANE’S ROLE SO SMALL? COME ON! What is wrong with you? The girl that was the second Kira of the original two movies. That two death gods died for. Doesn’t she feel even a little bit angry at how Ryuk killed Light? Doesn’t she feel even a little angry that the police shot Light?

Why is she just cannon fodder for the Cyberterrorist to use to kill Ryusaki? Which she didn’t by the way. No way her role should be that small.

I mean, if you wrote someone’s name and his name was already written, shouldn’t his lifespan still be seen after he “dies?”

The way she died was good though. I liked it.

Six, they simply reused gambits and tricks from the original two movies. TSKKKKKK! Goodness. The wiping out memory then come back as Kira again, wow. Just wow. The consommΓ© flavoured chips gambit… I mean, how would he even know about that? ARGH!

Then the Ryusaki’s name was already written the death note already. I thought when he claimed that he won’t use the death note to win that he would use some other way to win, BUT NOOOO. :<

Seriously, L regrets using the death note to beat Light. Wow. HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE? Goodness. He felt like a criminal. Wow. STUPID.

Not only that, how does L have time to talk to his successor? Have you seen L Change The World? His last days were for solving his last case. WHERE GOT TIME TO GIVE LOLLIPOP? 

Seven, HOW IN THE WORLD DOES LIGHT HAVE A CHILD? STUPID. Think about it, his girlfriend died in the first movie. Misa, his second girlfriend perhaps, but wouldn’t she know if she was pregnant? Not only that, do you think Light as someone his caliber of intellect, will give his death note to a kid?

Eight, WHO THE HECK IS MIKAMI? Misa’s lawyer I know, but WHATTTT? How in the world does he have his DNA Come on guys! Please think of something simpler and not make this whole story ridiculous.

Nine, L BURNED THE DEATH NOTES WHAT!!!! Why would they be able to see Ryuk when his death note was burned? NO ONE not even Matsuda touched Ryuk’s death note. Why can he see? Can they at least adhere to some of the rules and study the first two films to see loopholes? COME ON!

Ten, the characters were TOOO complicated. Why the first two movies worked was because though the storyline though complicated and hard to explain, the characters weren’t. Light Yagami was someone with a strong sense of justice that believes that he can make a better world if he killed off criminals with the death note. L is someone that is just curious, also has his own stand on justice and believes that no one should kill for peace. Misa was just someone devoted to Light because he had once saved her, justice didn’t matter to her, only Light does. Simple characters with smart intellect. That helped the story to move on quite a bit.

This time round, the characters were confusing. Were they good? Were they bad? No one knows. Even after the reveal, no one knows. There was no stand on justice. No moral code. So when people die, they just die. You have no idea whether to love or hate the characters and that spoiled the movie in its entirety.

The original two movies had the “Is killing for a better world right?” For the moral question, but in this one, none. It was just, kill, kill and kill. No one to relate to.

Eleven, no more creativity in using the death note. This is quite similar to Six, but in a whole other way. I thought that when they revealed that Ryusaki actually has a notebook, it was SOO interesting. I mean, giving up ownership and reclaiming ownership of the notebook everyday was actually a very smart way of using the notebook without getting caught!

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the person is trying to catch himself and gets himself confused? Of course, this breaks yet another rule, you can only regain your memory when you touch someone else’s notebook. So oh well, stupid movie.

I was really sad that they did put in the narration of how one was supposed to die. That was one quality that made us feel that Light was so clever and amazing. Now that it was out, people are just dying. Audience gets confused and everyone is dumbfounded.

I thought that it would have been interesting if the trail of death that the serial killer girl with Beppo was written in advance. Then she won’t get caught or shot. 

Twelve, I have no idea whose fantastic idea was it to tell the characters that Light Yagami is alive. Just too ridiculous. Can they at least be a bit smart?

Thirteen, why is there nothing with Light Yagami’s family? Surely there will be people that knew Light. When his video was posted EVERYWHERE, what happened to the family? What was the impact? NOTHING. Tsk!

Fourteen, why did Arma sacrifice herself for Ryusaki is beyond me. I mean, she actually knew that his name was already written in the death note already. So that means that his lifespan can no longer be extended. So why? STUPID!

Fifteen, WHY DIDN’T THEY DEVELOP NANASE? WHY? It was such an interesting view! That Kira killed a criminal but it was her only family! It was something that the first two movie didn’t have! It was a good direction! WHY?

Over all, this was just a too overly cramped movie with too much detail. It was a HUGE disappointment to me because this one really like my first movie in the cinema. I enjoyed it SOO much.

I even named my email after the third movie. Though the third movie wasn’t that great either, at least it wasn’t horrible.

Too bad the legacy doesn’t continue.

Oh well, at least the first two was nice.

I just lament that what was there 10 years ago cannot be surpassed. It had been 10 years. With better effects and production, why can’t they produce something that is better? -sigh-

Oh well. Enough ranting Kelvin.


=451= Stories to Tell: Right Direction

Hi, thanks for reading!

My name is Andre. Let me tell you about my story.

When I was little, I never got lost! It is true! Whenever I got separated from my friend in school and I need to find him, all I need to do was to close my eyes and I could see shapes and it would lead me to him. When I got separated from my parents in a crowded place, all I need to do was to close my eyes, see those shapes, follow them and I will find them.

I thought I had a super power! 

I bragged to my friends about it and they were all impressed. We tried it for a lot of things. We tried looking for items that they had lost and I could always find them! I thought I was SOOO special. 

However, when I reached 11 years old, I lost this power. (or would you call it gift?) I could no longer see any shapes when I close my eyes. I got lost way more often. When my friends asked me to help them find stuff I couldn’t.

So I stopped bragging, because I had nothing to back it up anymore. My friends started mocking me; saying that my power is fake and I was just acting cool. In time, I came to accept that the “power” that I had, was nothing but chance and coincidence. By the time I was 18 years old, I had forgotten about that “power” already.

When I was 18 years old, I was studying graphic design in polytechnic. At the same time, I was serving somewhere else as well. It was there where I realise that I could see images when I think about someone.

Somehow or another, these images have relation to the person’s well being.

Once I saw a window forming. Little shards of glass comes together to form a full window. However, the center was hollow. It meant that the person wasn’t giving their best.

Other time, I saw a two sided ice pick, but one side was broken. The pick could still break ice, but it is slower. This signified a broken relationship with a person and he is still going on with his responsibilities, but it is harder and slower.

I see images from little versions of themselves to wide fields and sceneries. Some images were even ridiculous. I once saw this staircase that spiralled into a building and void.

Though I have seen these images when I was 18, I didn’t remember having the ability to not be lost when I was a kid. It was only when I was 23 that I remembered.

When I was 23, I was already working in a graphic design company. I was doing quite well! Not only that, I got into a relationship with a girl, Reachurl. Unique spelling to a common name I know! Reachurl, or Rea as I call her, is such a wonderful woman. The way she carries herself and the way she loves and cares just made her so attractive! She is a teacher in a school for special needs. 

I really admire her heart and passion. She would rather stay back in school to talk to parents about their child’s development than to have dinner with me. I know that, it is painful that I am not first priority, but I understand why she had to work. Besides, I bought some Nasi Lemak and waited outside her school to eat with her.

Oh she is so annoying. Such a bad workaholic. I often catch her skipping meals to do work. She once went to work with a bad fever. OH how I want to kidnap her and force her to rest.

Anyways, back to my images seeing. Rea and I were playing this game. It was some ice breaker game and we figured why not try! So one of the questions for me was, “What was one thing in your childhood that you can no longer do?”

I thought about it and I recounted my never-got-lost story. She heard about the shapes and arrows seeing and she pointed out that it was a lot like the images I see now!

I paused. Never once had I even thought that there was a relation! So when I started to think about it, it was the same power! Oh Gosh!

I am now 33 years old, I am married to Rea and I am no longer a graphic designer. Why quit when I was doing so well? I can only say that it was due to the giver of this gift; this gift of images. 

I came to know this giver when I was a kid. He had very kindly given this gift of direction and images to me. However, when I started to be arrogant and boasted about my gift that I didn’t earned. The giver was angry and took my gift away.

When I was 18, he gave me this gift  again without me even asking. I didn’t even recognise the gift anymore. Perhaps I was more mature and could decipher more from images than just directions.

So when I discovered when I was 23 that the giver had given me the gift again, I was so taken aback with how much the giver had given me on top of this gift. He had given me something way more precious than my gift of being able to see images.

Hence, I decided to spend the rest of my life serving the giver. The giver told me to leave my job and work somewhere else where he will give me even more, hence, I came into my job today.

This gift of being able to see images has allowed me to be able to touch hearts that are enclosed. This gift had gotten me out of even more confusing and lost situations than when I was a kid.

I am so blessed to have this giver in my life, blessing me so much, even provided such a beautiful wife for me! 

This giver is God. πŸ™‚


=437= Reflections: Overseas

Maybe it is the air. Maybe it is the temperature. Maybe it is the people. Maybe it is the culture.

I honestly wouldn’t mind studying in Sydney.

My mum always bugs me to go overseas to study because she thinks that I won’t be able to go to a local uni. So like follow my Sister to go Australia to study is a very good experience.

However, every single time she bugs me, I will reply that I rather study in Singapore. Now that I am left with one Sem, the possibility of me getting into a local uni is pretty good. Not only that, studying overseas becomes an option if I can get a scholarship here. If I study in UTS, I only need to study for 1.5 years before getting my degree. Being a NA-Poly-Army guy, having 1.5 years shorter is very tempting.

I realised this, I am really enjoying the weather and space of Sydney. Even the cities are nicer than Singapore’s. I guess spending one week here really just made me comfortable.

To be honest, I kinda want to experience life outside of ministry. Not that ministry is bad, but I have been serving and investing quite a bit of my life into R-AGE, I just want to see if there is something else worth investing in as well.

I want to worship God in a different environment. Let me seek an answer as I go to I the next week.

You know things are getting real when everyone around you are planning for life after poly. A friend is going to work and start a family. A friend is thinking about take a gap year. A friend is thinking about studying overseas. Life just got a bit real.

Lord, I just want to be a good Steward of what you have given me. Please help me God.



=450= Reflections: Trip Part 3: First Two Days

So when we reached, we met PP, left our guitars with him and headed for the hotel.

Somehow or another I sat beside S and that was a great thing. Over the trip, she became a good friend and a big sister to me! πŸ™‚

Then we made it to the hotel and rested. YW was my room mate and we were just very easy going people. It was nice staying with him. I think we are just so phlegmatic when we rest so it was just ok! HAHA!

The next morning, I woke up at like 6am+, because of the light coming into the room and the heavy traffic noise outside. It was also around this time that I replied YH’s questions! Funny story actually! HAHA! YH, DON’T STALK ME! Tsk! πŸ˜‚

Then we went for breakfast, YW’s reaction to seeing his wife was SOO cute! HAHA!

Then we had devotions and went down to meet PP to go to his house.

The first thing we saw was PP’s dog, LEO! SO CUTE AND SUCH SMOOTH FUR! HAHAHA! 

Then, we met the SL team and had Briyani! So good! First time having lime on onion. To be honest right, I was expecting really thick curry, but the curry I had there were not thick at all! PMC even said that it actually feels healthy.

Then, we had some sharing and testimonies and we went for ice cream! Cream stone was quite nice, but there was a power shortage! We went back to the hotel to wash up. Then we traveled down to the conference site!

When washing up, I had a little incident with the shampoo leaking to all my toiletries and lotion. This was bad. I mean REALLY messy. YW was so nice to help me cleaned up the slippery things that I brought. Really like a big Brother! 😁

The streets were crowded and interesting due to a festival!

Then came the dinner that was so difficult to finish. At the camp site, they gave us chappati and this insanely spicy curry. Then the server gave me too much rice. It was too much for me, but I just thought that I should finish it.

So we went back and rested.


=449= Words of Joy: Shortcake, Coconut, Chicken & Merlion

Haha, honestly, my heart is quite full from last night. Thank you so much. πŸ™‚

Really enjoyed the conversations that we had. I never knew about your childhood, ironic though! HAHA! I never knew about the words you were told when people prayed for you.

It was very nice! πŸ™‚

So happy to share what I have learned and experienced; to be vulnerable with you! 

Glad to have shared last night with you! πŸ™‚