=437= Reflections: Overseas

Maybe it is the air. Maybe it is the temperature. Maybe it is the people. Maybe it is the culture.

I honestly wouldn’t mind studying in Sydney.

My mum always bugs me to go overseas to study because she thinks that I won’t be able to go to a local uni. So like follow my Sister to go Australia to study is a very good experience.

However, every single time she bugs me, I will reply that I rather study in Singapore. Now that I am left with one Sem, the possibility of me getting into a local uni is pretty good. Not only that, studying overseas becomes an option if I can get a scholarship here. If I study in UTS, I only need to study for 1.5 years before getting my degree. Being a NA-Poly-Army guy, having 1.5 years shorter is very tempting.

I realised this, I am really enjoying the weather and space of Sydney. Even the cities are nicer than Singapore’s. I guess spending one week here really just made me comfortable.

To be honest, I kinda want to experience life outside of ministry. Not that ministry is bad, but I have been serving and investing quite a bit of my life into R-AGE, I just want to see if there is something else worth investing in as well.

I want to worship God in a different environment. Let me seek an answer as I go to I the next week.

You know things are getting real when everyone around you are planning for life after poly. A friend is going to work and start a family. A friend is thinking about take a gap year. A friend is thinking about studying overseas. Life just got a bit real.

Lord, I just want to be a good Steward of what you have given me. Please help me God.




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