=451= Stories to Tell: Right Direction

Hi, thanks for reading!

My name is Andre. Let me tell you about my story.

When I was little, I never got lost! It is true! Whenever I got separated from my friend in school and I need to find him, all I need to do was to close my eyes and I could see shapes and it would lead me to him. When I got separated from my parents in a crowded place, all I need to do was to close my eyes, see those shapes, follow them and I will find them.

I thought I had a super power! 

I bragged to my friends about it and they were all impressed. We tried it for a lot of things. We tried looking for items that they had lost and I could always find them! I thought I was SOOO special. 

However, when I reached 11 years old, I lost this power. (or would you call it gift?) I could no longer see any shapes when I close my eyes. I got lost way more often. When my friends asked me to help them find stuff I couldn’t.

So I stopped bragging, because I had nothing to back it up anymore. My friends started mocking me; saying that my power is fake and I was just acting cool. In time, I came to accept that the “power” that I had, was nothing but chance and coincidence. By the time I was 18 years old, I had forgotten about that “power” already.

When I was 18 years old, I was studying graphic design in polytechnic. At the same time, I was serving somewhere else as well. It was there where I realise that I could see images when I think about someone.

Somehow or another, these images have relation to the person’s well being.

Once I saw a window forming. Little shards of glass comes together to form a full window. However, the center was hollow. It meant that the person wasn’t giving their best.

Other time, I saw a two sided ice pick, but one side was broken. The pick could still break ice, but it is slower. This signified a broken relationship with a person and he is still going on with his responsibilities, but it is harder and slower.

I see images from little versions of themselves to wide fields and sceneries. Some images were even ridiculous. I once saw this staircase that spiralled into a building and void.

Though I have seen these images when I was 18, I didn’t remember having the ability to not be lost when I was a kid. It was only when I was 23 that I remembered.

When I was 23, I was already working in a graphic design company. I was doing quite well! Not only that, I got into a relationship with a girl, Reachurl. Unique spelling to a common name I know! Reachurl, or Rea as I call her, is such a wonderful woman. The way she carries herself and the way she loves and cares just made her so attractive! She is a teacher in a school for special needs. 

I really admire her heart and passion. She would rather stay back in school to talk to parents about their child’s development than to have dinner with me. I know that, it is painful that I am not first priority, but I understand why she had to work. Besides, I bought some Nasi Lemak and waited outside her school to eat with her.

Oh she is so annoying. Such a bad workaholic. I often catch her skipping meals to do work. She once went to work with a bad fever. OH how I want to kidnap her and force her to rest.

Anyways, back to my images seeing. Rea and I were playing this game. It was some ice breaker game and we figured why not try! So one of the questions for me was, “What was one thing in your childhood that you can no longer do?”

I thought about it and I recounted my never-got-lost story. She heard about the shapes and arrows seeing and she pointed out that it was a lot like the images I see now!

I paused. Never once had I even thought that there was a relation! So when I started to think about it, it was the same power! Oh Gosh!

I am now 33 years old, I am married to Rea and I am no longer a graphic designer. Why quit when I was doing so well? I can only say that it was due to the giver of this gift; this gift of images. 

I came to know this giver when I was a kid. He had very kindly given this gift of direction and images to me. However, when I started to be arrogant and boasted about my gift that I didn’t earned. The giver was angry and took my gift away.

When I was 18, he gave me this gift  again without me even asking. I didn’t even recognise the gift anymore. Perhaps I was more mature and could decipher more from images than just directions.

So when I discovered when I was 23 that the giver had given me the gift again, I was so taken aback with how much the giver had given me on top of this gift. He had given me something way more precious than my gift of being able to see images.

Hence, I decided to spend the rest of my life serving the giver. The giver told me to leave my job and work somewhere else where he will give me even more, hence, I came into my job today.

This gift of being able to see images has allowed me to be able to touch hearts that are enclosed. This gift had gotten me out of even more confusing and lost situations than when I was a kid.

I am so blessed to have this giver in my life, blessing me so much, even provided such a beautiful wife for me! 

This giver is God. 🙂



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