=452= Reflections: Death Note Light Up The New World


Such a horrible movie.


Waste of my time and effort.


Such a disappointment. To think I was looking forward to it SOOO much that I went in the morning to buy the best seats in the cinema.

Why did Death Note: Light Up The New World fail so badly?

spoilers ahead, but seriously, just read, it has no value to the movie whatsoever. Enjoy being confused.

One, pacing. The movie was either too slow when it needs to be fast, or too fast when it needs to be slow. The starting sequence was way too draggy. The in between was too fast. The climax was too fast and too confusing. Tsk.

Second, too much redundant details and too many redundant characters with no background or character development. They began the whole movie with the Russian doctor finding a death note, attending to a patient that wanted to die, writing his name in the death note and shocked that he died. The whole scene was SOOO slow. Not only that, the doctor never made a second appearance until he died. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if you introduced the scene with a family coming together, when the patient dies and they cry over his death? Then have him narrate, “<name> Dies peacefully on 1 Nov, the victim’s family comes to see him for the last time, he sees them for the last time before he died.”
There you established his agenda. To help patients die peacefully he used the death note to kill. Then when the police hunts him down, he will react accordingly. Like he will surrender as his mission wasn’t to go against the police, but for his patients.

Then the frantic serial killer girl with Beppo. I thought that it was so interesting when she started killing everyone on the streets and the police chased her. However, she was killed once the sequence ended. She was supposed to be killed by Kira, but how in the world did he kill her? What is Beppo’s role in this whole thing? Just to tell them that there are 6 death notes in the world? Stupid.

Three, there are too many death notes in this story. As though the original wasn’t complicated enough with 2 death notes. This time round, they had six. Wow. Just wonderful. This resulted in character back stories not developed, agendas unsure, power struggle became between two people, not enough death gods to see and the weight of a death note became so little.

Four, rules of the death notes were uncertain and were NOT FOLLOWED. Come on! Part of why the first two movies were so nice was because the two main characters has to actually play by the rules. It was interesting seeing how Light and L bend the rules and use the rules against each other. In this movie, once you wrote the name in, the person dies, not after 60 seconds. A ridiculous part was when the police wanted to shoot Misa but she wrote so fast that the policemen died before they could shoot her. Unrealistic as heck. If this was possible, Light wouldn’t have died.

One thing the first two movies did very well was to weave in the rules in between scenes to remind audiences of the rules they have to adhere to.

I cannot stand the fact that the new Kira actually written the word, “Kira” in the death note. Have you actually watched the first movie and seen how Light so brilliantly wrote and manipulated people without specifics in the Death Note?

If the death was so simple and the death note can make you do anything before you die, then why even care? Just write everyone’s name on the death note and manipulate them to die on different occasions with different cause of death.

Five, WHY IS MISA AMANE’S ROLE SO SMALL? COME ON! What is wrong with you? The girl that was the second Kira of the original two movies. That two death gods died for. Doesn’t she feel even a little bit angry at how Ryuk killed Light? Doesn’t she feel even a little angry that the police shot Light?

Why is she just cannon fodder for the Cyberterrorist to use to kill Ryusaki? Which she didn’t by the way. No way her role should be that small.

I mean, if you wrote someone’s name and his name was already written, shouldn’t his lifespan still be seen after he “dies?”

The way she died was good though. I liked it.

Six, they simply reused gambits and tricks from the original two movies. TSKKKKKK! Goodness. The wiping out memory then come back as Kira again, wow. Just wow. The consommé flavoured chips gambit… I mean, how would he even know about that? ARGH!

Then the Ryusaki’s name was already written the death note already. I thought when he claimed that he won’t use the death note to win that he would use some other way to win, BUT NOOOO. :<

Seriously, L regrets using the death note to beat Light. Wow. HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE? Goodness. He felt like a criminal. Wow. STUPID.

Not only that, how does L have time to talk to his successor? Have you seen L Change The World? His last days were for solving his last case. WHERE GOT TIME TO GIVE LOLLIPOP? 

Seven, HOW IN THE WORLD DOES LIGHT HAVE A CHILD? STUPID. Think about it, his girlfriend died in the first movie. Misa, his second girlfriend perhaps, but wouldn’t she know if she was pregnant? Not only that, do you think Light as someone his caliber of intellect, will give his death note to a kid?

Eight, WHO THE HECK IS MIKAMI? Misa’s lawyer I know, but WHATTTT? How in the world does he have his DNA Come on guys! Please think of something simpler and not make this whole story ridiculous.

Nine, L BURNED THE DEATH NOTES WHAT!!!! Why would they be able to see Ryuk when his death note was burned? NO ONE not even Matsuda touched Ryuk’s death note. Why can he see? Can they at least adhere to some of the rules and study the first two films to see loopholes? COME ON!

Ten, the characters were TOOO complicated. Why the first two movies worked was because though the storyline though complicated and hard to explain, the characters weren’t. Light Yagami was someone with a strong sense of justice that believes that he can make a better world if he killed off criminals with the death note. L is someone that is just curious, also has his own stand on justice and believes that no one should kill for peace. Misa was just someone devoted to Light because he had once saved her, justice didn’t matter to her, only Light does. Simple characters with smart intellect. That helped the story to move on quite a bit.

This time round, the characters were confusing. Were they good? Were they bad? No one knows. Even after the reveal, no one knows. There was no stand on justice. No moral code. So when people die, they just die. You have no idea whether to love or hate the characters and that spoiled the movie in its entirety.

The original two movies had the “Is killing for a better world right?” For the moral question, but in this one, none. It was just, kill, kill and kill. No one to relate to.

Eleven, no more creativity in using the death note. This is quite similar to Six, but in a whole other way. I thought that when they revealed that Ryusaki actually has a notebook, it was SOO interesting. I mean, giving up ownership and reclaiming ownership of the notebook everyday was actually a very smart way of using the notebook without getting caught!

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the person is trying to catch himself and gets himself confused? Of course, this breaks yet another rule, you can only regain your memory when you touch someone else’s notebook. So oh well, stupid movie.

I was really sad that they did put in the narration of how one was supposed to die. That was one quality that made us feel that Light was so clever and amazing. Now that it was out, people are just dying. Audience gets confused and everyone is dumbfounded.

I thought that it would have been interesting if the trail of death that the serial killer girl with Beppo was written in advance. Then she won’t get caught or shot. 

Twelve, I have no idea whose fantastic idea was it to tell the characters that Light Yagami is alive. Just too ridiculous. Can they at least be a bit smart?

Thirteen, why is there nothing with Light Yagami’s family? Surely there will be people that knew Light. When his video was posted EVERYWHERE, what happened to the family? What was the impact? NOTHING. Tsk!

Fourteen, why did Arma sacrifice herself for Ryusaki is beyond me. I mean, she actually knew that his name was already written in the death note already. So that means that his lifespan can no longer be extended. So why? STUPID!

Fifteen, WHY DIDN’T THEY DEVELOP NANASE? WHY? It was such an interesting view! That Kira killed a criminal but it was her only family! It was something that the first two movie didn’t have! It was a good direction! WHY?

Over all, this was just a too overly cramped movie with too much detail. It was a HUGE disappointment to me because this one really like my first movie in the cinema. I enjoyed it SOO much.

I even named my email after the third movie. Though the third movie wasn’t that great either, at least it wasn’t horrible.

Too bad the legacy doesn’t continue.

Oh well, at least the first two was nice.

I just lament that what was there 10 years ago cannot be surpassed. It had been 10 years. With better effects and production, why can’t they produce something that is better? -sigh-

Oh well. Enough ranting Kelvin.



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