=455= Relfections: Humble

There have been many repeating messages for me to be humble.

Be humble and be proud of what God had given you.
Sounds a bit contradicting, but it isn’t! When people praise you for your giftings and you go “no lah, no lah! Did you see how bad I played?” That isn’t being humble. That is you looking at yourself and thinking I didn’t play well. When you say, “All praise to God!” You are ascribing the glory to God. Pushing the attention off your playing, but onto God.

How did you start out to play drums? How did you play a beat? You read note by note. Be humble; read note by note, count the number of bars and don’t let muscle memory limit what you can play.
Well, I guess when I started playing in church, I seldom worry about the number of bars etc etc. As a reasult, a lot of what I play is based on muscle memory, that is why over time I became a kinesthetic learner. I practice until I am comfortable to play without looking at anything. In a way I thought that it was freeing me to play some stuff, but in another ways, it actually limits my playing because of attention to detail. Quite often you will only focus on the big picture and not the little details and this will limit your playing.

You think you know everything! Be humble!
I think that after doing one job for several years, one would eventually understand the flow and know what they are doing. However, if you become complacent and not humble, you will not learn to improve further. It actually reminded me of a few people in my internship company. They had such bad basics in the things that they were doing. They were doing ok and that was good enough for them, nothing more. Such sloth and bad attitude disgusted me, but now I am guilty of such an attitude.

Ok God, I will be humble! 

Thank you Lord.




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