=458= Reflections: Stature

One thing that stung me was someone told me that she was worried for me. That she had no idea how I can step up to the role.

That honestly surprised me.

I mean, technicals wise, I am pretty sure I can do it. However, behaviour wise, it is probably hard for me to step up. I am suprised that I am back to where I was a year ago.

It went back to a problem of Stature. In my head, I pictured someone saying, “Someone of your stature shouldn’t do this!”


Stature means the importance or reputation gained by ability or achievement.

A person of my stature should know better what kind of behaviour I should have.

“Just how is someone going to take you seriously?”

Hmm, well, I think that next year will be quite different.

Well, I always thought that me being comfortable with people will allow me to say certain things. I guess not.

Oh well.

Let’s learn how to be someone of my stature.