=459= Words of Melancholy: Soon

If I can describe the feeling I feel now, it would be Soon. Soon, it will be time that I have to settle for something else. It is quite depressing for me to realise that I cannot do much. I can only blame myself for being too indulgent. To crave for something that I shouldn’t have.

Soon, I would have no more contact with you. Soon, I won’t be anyone to you. Soon. Very soon. It is going to sting.

Oh my soul, why are you feeling this way? Why are you making the same mistake once again? Why are you not learning?

My soul, just how old are you?

Stop feeling inadequate. Make the best use of what you have. Enough is enough.

Trust God.

Soon the new year will come and you will step up.

Soon, you are going to serve the Lord. Aren’t you glad that you can? 

Where is that fire?

Where is that huge burning passion that you once had?

STOP you shell of a man that was once burning for the Lord. STOP. Stop yourself from looking at yourself. Stop thinking about what people would think of you, but start thinking what people would think of God.

Soon you will enter a new course of life. Soon the chaos and busyness of life now will be what you crave. Soon you will forget what it is like to be working for the Lord and you would crave for it when you remember it.


I am heartbroken and tired Lord. I have given much Lord, will you please help me hold on to you?

Teach me how not to grumble. Teach me how not to complain. Teach me how to praise. Teach me how to rejoice.

May the words I say and use be a good reflection for you.

Lord the things of this world may seem good and nice. They might even seem more important. However, Lord, the truth isn’t so. Teach me how to be reassured of your hand in my life.

Lord, you have blessed me much. So now I will serve you and you alone.

Lord, truly you are all that I have.

Teach me to be a man that will willinging give up everything I own to follow you.