=463= Reflections: Kindred Spirit

Tonight, my heart is full from sharing my struggles as a 20 year old that have given a lot of my time in ministry.

It pains my heart when I see someone having to go through the same thing.

It seems like I have found someone that will cover a lot of my flaws in the new ministry. C really has fantastic ideas and concerns when it came to the job.

Being a rather lepak big picture guy, I am glad that someone will be more alert to the details that people don’t catch.

I am just glad that I have found someone with a similar heart; someone with a kindred spirit. 

Tonight, there was this rather bad tension in the air. There are so many burdens and conflicts that cannot be seen. I actually want to carry this burden. I want to be someone that people can rely on.

Lord, make me a man that people can rely on?



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