=468= Reflections: Strive

After lunch, a text convo and a nap, I woke up and saw the decor in the sanctuary. “Is a hard life all you are concerned about?” I asked myself.

To be honest, no, it isn’t a hard life that I am concerned about. It is an unfulfilling life. I don’t want to be an unfulfilling husband or a unfulfilling father. I remind myself once again that my life here isn’t to become those things or to please my friends, but to Love God and please Him.
Let me explore and try!

Perhaps, one day God will show me how he can use me in different ways that my head can only imagine!

Once again, the strive to become a better person, no, the strive to become a godly person begins! 😀


=467= Word: Which

Which is more tragic? Having gotten something before and losing it? Or never having that something before?

The worse thing you can ever say to a sound engineer is that you sound better without his EQ. Sometimes, you should just do your job and they will do their’s.

I laugh sometimes when the leader of the group tries to explain the process of the system but clearly has no experience. Wouldn’t it be better to let the person who understands the system clearly do the explaining?

Finding inspiration from the same things is like trying to remove meat from the same cow. Sure some parts will taste better but there is a limit to how well it will taste. There isn’t a limit to how well it would taste when you search for other cows. Sure you might find cows that taste worse, but surely you would find cows that taste better too.

I have been spending quite a bit of  time edifying people that now I am more comfortable to say the uncomfortable. I realised that the uncomfortable is necessary. The one that only says the comfortable isn’t telling the truth. It seems like encouragement isn’t lying to you about something. It is telling you right in the face about it and giving you ways to work against it.

There must be ways to make the vague simple and clear. If there isn’t, no one will understand you.

Closing doors that you think are impractical isn’t going to magically give you a door that is practical. In fact, understanding why these doors are impractical gives you a negative example and a clear idea on how to build a practical door. If there isn’t one for you, why not build it yourself?

Over all, I am quite thankful for groups of friends that I can call my family. God has really blessed me in this area.

I know this post isn’t very cohesive at all, just some random thoughts that comes to my brain.