=469= Reflections: Unsure

The thing about this promise I made with God is that it makes me close to many but nothing further. As of now, I am a bit confused. Perhaps, I am so comfortable with presence that now that there is absence, it feels quite strange.

I am honestly surprised at this.

I am such a stupid boy. I really need to learn how to control my feelings ah. Perhaps a bit of absense is good too I guess.

The thing is, the more I observe, the more flaws I see ah. HAHA. Why Kelvin, why do you do this kinda thing to yourself?

Oh another hand, Suddenly 17 was quite a good movie. It really is what I wanted out of “Stuck In His Life.” This was such a fun depiction of the interaction between the 17 year old self and the 28 year old self! VERY cool! 😁

With such a personality, yeah man, hopefully this friendship stays. I really want this to last.

Someone that at least tries and make an effort to do something. Yet another value I want.


Enough, stop!

Let’s go! 


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