=470= Reflections: 2016 Excited 2017

Well, so many things happened over these few days. Received news for some stuff. Got amazing response for next year. Lord, the amount of favour you poured my way was just so much. Father, thank you for 2016.

This past year has been nothing short of amazing. Though politically, financially, controversially this year has been horrible, for my faith, my walk and my ministry, this year has been such a wonderful year.

Start of a new ministry, I thought I had to labour hard to see the fruits, instead, the Lord, poured and poured. Fruits after fruits kept growing out. I just loved how he had shown such favour our way. 

Internship, I thought that it was going to be a hard journey. In some ways, yes it was. However God provided Jun Yi during those 5 months. You have no idea how thankful I am for that. Having my best friend from school with me, teaching me the ropes, it was great! 😁 As a result of internship, I am now a very technical person.

Even though I interned with the media team for two months previously, my technical knowledge and skills weren’t great at all. Even getting sound out from a board was difficult for me. However, in a short span of one year, God has expanded this skill in me. I am now able to do complex patching on the Yamaha board and I am able to use all kinds of special effects on the board. I am even teaching sound to people. I managed to train up a sound engineer from a scratch.

I always thought that year 3 would be hard, but honestly no, I found year 2 harder. Perhaps because my personality changed once again? I am so optimistic. I really stopped worrying so much, it has been a while since those panic attacks came. Perhaps I became more capable technically.

As of Christmas, I realised that God had expanded my music capacity as well. “Christmas isn’t Christmas” was a 4/4 song with a strange rhythm and no percussion or drums. Honestly, if you had me play this song a year back, I would probably played the snare on 2 and 4. However, this year, as I paid attention to the music. I learned to hear the swinging swinging feel of the song. I learned how to retain that feel while driving the song. It was almost like a 3/4 + 1/4 because it was not so straight like a normal 4/4. Hence, I asked Sam if I could play the snare on 3 rather than 4 and I thought that it worked! Sophia once compared my cover with another girl’s. I told her that retaining musical feel, dynamics and flavour are all VERY important. I am so grateful for the musicians that guided me that now I can understand this.

Whenever someone from like the adults or the congre expressed that they liked my playing, I always have this thought in my head, “It was because Leb was in the ministry.” Honestly, without Leb, I wouldn’t have learned so much. Whenever I feel that drummers aren’t improving as fast as the youth, I feel that Leb was the catalyst that helped us play so well. Listening to good drums is always the best way to compare and learn. With Leb moving up to YA next year and I have to step up, Lord, help me take on a similar role or help me to do better in that role. Father, equip me to do wonders Lord!

It has been made known to me that I have passion in the AV line. It is true lah. I like what we do and I enjoy being able to solve problems. It irritates me whenever the technicals aren’t done properly. However, the long irregular hours, little pay and the work I do really doesn’t add up.

I guess just let me try some journalism first bah. Perhaps Comm studies may not be for me either.

Either way Lord, help me worship you God! 

I remember at the start of the year, I told Tiff that I found it hard to open up to people. This year surprised me SOO much. I gained so many friends and sustained some old ones. One of which, I am so thankful for. So excited for! HEHE! You know who you are! 😁 I am honestly honoured whenever people trust me with stuff.

Ok, 2016 has been great! Let me enter 2017 with hopes up! Let me be excited! 😁

Thank you O God for blessing me this past year! May I worship you! Thank you Lord!



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