=471= Reflections: Draw

Well, trying to do up a portfolio for my application to NTU ADM. It is absolutely torturous for me. A reason why I didn’t put product design as my first choice back when I had to choose my Poly course was all them drawing. It is impossible for me to draw and not get irritated that I cannot get the perspective right. That is why I am always so thankful for Solidworks and autoCAD. Without them, I would probably fail D&T in Sec 4.

I love how they have a narrative assignment though! If you had asked me what my hobby was when I was Sec 2, it would be to watching anime and reading comics. I grew up with Archie comics! I still have a special place in my heart for them. Having the narrative assignment being comic strips or story board was so much fun! It had really made me appreciate the work that goes into it. First, character design and consistency with face shape and continuity. It is SOO hard to remain consistent with the proportions. One frame, the Chin is sharper, another, it is rounder. Next, how they add depth to each frame. Just having the characters in each frame is cool and all, but having like a background/setting really makes the image pop. Talking about pop, how they give characters a 3D effect is really amazing, not only that, I had so much trouble with expressions. How to make 2d characters look shocked, depressed, apologetic or thankful was SOOO hard. My work was probably so messy. Having the font to hold emotions. Happy, the font size can be bigger. When shocked and depressed by the news, font size can be smaller. So many elements that I have been reading for so many years but I haven’t been paying attention to!

So grateful for spending so much money on Archie comics from p5-sec3!

On another hand, I am thankful for a friendship where I can be honest and make my emotions known.

If I am honest, I do enjoy doing technical things and trying things out. However, it could very well be like my passion for drums and photography.

I sometimes lament, why am I learning all the skills that aren’t practical?

Among everything I do, sound engineering and technicals are probably the most practical already, but you know, it is going to be an unfulfilling one though… 😦

I just really like what I do, but being practical may have to come first.

I don’t know.

Oh well, I just got a router, it is wonderful! Now I can micro-manage! HAHAHAHA! CHEY!

All jokes aside, this router just opened so many possibilities! Now I can control the sound board wirelessly, this means that it is now possible to have a FOH engineer and a monitor engineer! The best part is that it is still the same board, no need for any protocol conversion any digital/analog gain kinda thing, I am simply using another set of controls while the other engineer does his thing!

Having a router also means that, it may be possible to control the Magic Q Software with an Ipad too!

It is very exciting!

So glad to have met Aaron today!

There are so many possibilities! 😁

Was just talking to Elsa and like we were both shocked that it has already been 4 years since I entered Poly. Quite cool. I mean, hey, Elsa is now the ZO. EnMing is now Elsa’s age when I entered her region as a leader. I was under 4 sets of leaders. It is quite surreal that I am now 20, or 21 starting 2017.

I recalled how I admired the older leaders in the ministry. How they invested and sacrificed into the lives of the younger ones. There was once I really didn’t understand why would anyone want to move up to YA. (Hey I was young ok?) Now that I am older and have been serving in the ministry for so long, I understand how hard it is to be serving in youth even after your peers has moved up to YA.

It isn’t that serving is hard. It just gets a bit lonely.

Oh on another record, I faced another of my trauma of studio recording. Haha, in year 2, our studio recording experience was quite bad. We were quite new and inexperienced, so when we tried it for the first time, even Jia Jun that has the most experience among us couldn’t do a lot of things. We didn’t understand what we were supposed to do and got a track wth a bad mix. This time round, I think we did a WAY better job. On another hand, my snare and cymbals sound WAY better than the studio ones! TOO BAD! HAHA! This time round as the recording engineer, though there were some stupid errors, I think we did a WAY better job! So yeah! 😁

To the year ahead!

Thank you God!