=474= Reflections: Moral Code

It has been a while since I read a book, I should start soon.

I find it interesting that even though some people disagree with what I believe in, they seem to know what I believe in. This being things like, when ever they ask a question like, “Sex before marriage, yes or no?”

They seem to know my answer before I answer for myself. Oh and anyway, since you guys never heard my answer, HAHA, too bad, you have no idea what I think.

This led me to think about the universal moral code. It seems like, even people that aren’t Christians seem to know what Christians believe as right and wrong. Even if they don’t believe it, somewhere at the back of their heads, there is this moral code.

Now the question is, where do we get this moral code from? If the world simply existed, who came out with this law and code? Don’t tell me try and error, it simply doesn’t make sense. It isn’t like an experiment where you try something and you judge whether it is good or bad. If you do, what makes your judgement just? What makes your right correct?

If it was a collective wisdom—like a group’s decision—if one person’s judgement isn’t certainly right, what makes a group’s judgement certainly right?

Who taught men to judge? Who taught men this standard of things that they have to follow? Why would men even have the wisdom to know that they need to live within rules?

If I was just a man trying things out, why would anything be restricted? Why would anything be forbidden? If a newly formed man was trying things out, why would he stop himself from killing? Why would he stop himself from hurting himself? Why? He was just trying right?

How does this complex law of good and evil even come about into a man’s head? How did he even come to have this inspiration? Was it even inspired? Everything that men knows are learned. We learn things like we should eat three meals a day. Why? We learn it from observing, observing the human body studying it. Observing hunger and growth. What a wonderful system hunger is. How else would we know when our body needs food? Where does this system come from then?

Can you imagine a world without hunger? People won’t even remember to eat because they are not hungry. They won’t know that they are malnourished. They won’t survive. Can you imagine a world without pain? People will hurt themselves without them even knowing. Bleeding wounds would not sting and they won’t take note of it and they would continue to make the wound worse. Such fantastic systems of the human body, where do all these come from?

Look at animals are they bounded by a moral code? Would an animal that eats his own offspring feel remorse? Would it’s species hold a court case to sentence the animal for murder? Why would us as humans bound our own selves with a moral code?

Can you imagine a baby growing up on his own? How would he survive? Who would feed him? Who would teach him how to survive? Who would teach him wha is right or wrong? Ok maybe I am too harsh, let’s imagine 10 babies growing up together, how will they survive?

There must be an origin to this moral code. Just like how there should be an origin to hunger pangs. Where do all these great systems that manages the world and the human body come from?

You might argue that humans were in built with hunger from the start. Ok let’s go with that. Let’s just say somehow humans simply existed and their body functions just like that, how do you explain the moral code? It seems like something like this isn’t part of our primal instincts like hunger and sexual drive. So where does this come from? Why do we have the moral code? Why is this with us humans when animals doesn’t seem to have it?

You may argue that animals like dogs may have a moral code, but then again, I will argue that it seemed as though as it was the human that trained it to know what is right and wrong. To teach the animal to poop at a specific spot, to not bite people, etc etc. It seemed as though humans have the ability to train the animals to know what is right or wrong to do. If there wasn’t the moral code, how would we know that killing a person is wrong? What would keep an animal from doing that and why would doing that be wrong for the animal then?

The moral code needs to come from somewhere. This moral code built in everyone must come from a greater authority or a higher being. For I established that coming up with the moral code on our own is almost impossible to do so. I believe this higher being is God and we got this moral code when Adam and Eve ate the fruit in Eden. That would explain why we have it and the animals don’t have it and how we know what is right from wrong. 

Why would everyone have different opinions on the morals though? I think it is because the code that was passed down from Adam all the way down to today is tainted and polluted. Word of mouth is so hard to stay the same. Just play broken telephone and you will understand why. New stuff will be added into it. Just look at the media today. So many things are tainted as well. So that is why the word is so important.


Can God create a rock so heavy that He cannot carry it himself? Pastor Andy from the last retreat gave a very smart answer; yes he can, but because He is wise, He won’t.

I thought about it, there is some truth to it. If used in our context, can a healthy sane man that doesn’t want to die create a machine that would kill him? Of course he can, but would he? Of course not. Can a man create a machine that won’t help him do work but make his work even tougher? Of course he can, but would he? Of course not, men would only create a machine that has a use. So why would God create a rock so heavy that he cannot carry? Who would carry it then? Would men be able to carry it? Of course not! What would be the use of such a rock then?

With wordplay you can mess around and come up with things that God lacks and don’t have. For example, if God is perfect, wouldn’t you say He lacks imperfection? If God is good, wouldn’t he be lacking the bad? You need to understand. Saying God lacks imperfection or saying God lacks Bad is the same as saying God is perfect and God is good. When I say, I have everything and I say I lack nothing, don’t both statements mean the same thing? Nothing cannot be quantified. We don’t say 1 nothing, 2 nothing, because nothing times any number is still nothing. While everything is absolute, we also don’t say 1 everything, 2 everything, because 1 everything is everything. 2 everything doesn’t make sense because it means that 1 everything isn’t everything. If everything and nothing are not units of measurements, but absolutes, wordplay like these make no sense at all.


No idea what is up with me! HAHA! I just wanted to reflect and thing about such things today. Thank you God for revealing more of yourself to me! 🙂



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