=475= Words of Melancholy: Heart Heavy

Hillarious how sometimes when you cannot tell the difference between a joke and the real response. You know what I am talking about! 😂 You know who you are! 
Anyways, Heart Heavy over something tonight.

Oh well.

My body is so tired. 

Why heart? Why are you so evil? Why are you heavy over that?

Why heart? Why are you playing tricks on me?

Why heart? When will you stay still?

Remember the promise you made to God. Not to anyone else you idiot, to God.

You dare forget that, I will hit you in the face.



Go back to God.

Stop tempting yourself and fail.

Well, it isn’t easy. I don’t want to lose pillars.

I hope I will feel better after I wake up. Honestly, it has felt better already!




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