=476= Words of Joy: Har Cheong Guys

Well, the people who reads this blog already know most of it!

I am SOOO thankful for this band. OH MY GOODNESS, they were amazing and they were so professional and easy to work with!

I have been so many things that I have been taking for granted; simple things like giving signals or like staying quiet when we are soundcheck-ing someone. Wow. I have been taking for granted that my church has amazing professional grade musicians. Now that I have brought them to my school to play for a show, I am so proud of them.

It was honestly just a simple request to help me play for my project, but all five really helped and drove the project home! Choo with his amazing guitar skills, vocals and such cute charisma on stage. His attention to the transistions was SOOO good. Leb, goodness, when you hear the recording with my playing on Fri and when you hear them play today, it is honestly worlds apart. Leb has amazing attention to detail and technical knowledge. He is an AMAZING drummer. I am so thankful! Thank you so much for taking leave to help me Bro! 🙂 Sam, thank you for cleaning up the chords and for your powerful voice! It was so nice to hear the keys play and the voice come out. EnMing, thank you for supporting the band in the low end! Really helps a lot! Having bass on the band was really nice! Grace, thank you for last minute agreeing to help me! I am SOO grateful! Having another voice and like free hands really helped with the interaction with the audience!

Oh the audience.

Wow, I was expecting quite a few people to come, but no way did I expect SOO many people to come man! NO WAY. I was so happy. EnMing told me he saw all of the people trying to hide! Pretend not coming but actually came! I am SOO happy that my friends came and like supported me! Really thankful for their enthusiasm! It really made the night a memorable one! With such an audience, it really brought a very different feel to the table! I think that among the other bands, our’s had the most response! It was fantastic! 

It was simply a wonderful night of like listening to good music and enjoying good company.

With me coming out to the stage and like to the audience and where they were sitting and they start to scream and shout for me was such a strange feeling! Thank you God for blessing me with so many good friends!

I think that, we really did a decent a job, considering that our set up was the most complex and we did the most. I thought that it was fantastic that we managed to pull so many things off!

I am looking forward to the multi track recording that we did!

Thank you God for so many things! 🙂



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