=480= Reflections: Slowly

Well, the withdrawal symptoms are stopping, mainly because I have a few other people texting me and like it keeps me distracted.

Isn’t it funny that I am avoiding contact because I treasure the friendship? Haha, it is an irony in itself.

Just saying, but I have an evernote to write down stuff that I wanna say/share on Friday! HAHAHA!

So excited to play music with the lecturers. I am so sad that K is leaving. I have gleaned SOOO much from him. These few days, when I do sound in church and I see people cutting the wrong frequencies, I just shake my head. When things need to be settled I catch myself saying a lot of mean stuff. Well, obviously not a very good thing to learn, but yeah, there are reasons why he can say such stuff and get away with them. HAHA!

I think all the sound guys should get a lesson from him man, such a great teacher.

Oh well, time to sleep!

Goodnight people!




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