=483= Stories to Tell: Supper

I received a call from my crying niece, she told me that her father, my brother, had taken her favourite toy away from her and she is now at the void deck of her house.

Well, how can I ignore my favourite niece? She is SOOO cute, sharing so much of her life with me. Telling me what classmates she likes or dislikes. What subject she hates. Etc etc. It is always so funny to watch her actions and hear her complain about math.

So I simply told her to wait there for me to come.

When I reached, I saw the little girl at those round tables with her arm on the table and her head covered by the arm. 

I sat behind her waiting for her to notice me. She slowly put her head up to see me. She didn’t give me any hugs like she normally would. She just sat there looking at me as if waiting for an answer.

“How are you?” I said with a empathising smile.

She swallowed and coughed to clear her voice, “Horrible. I no longer have my Zane Toy… Why must Daddy be so unreasonable! He took away my most important thing in my life.”

I smile at how young she was and how small her world is.

“Well, maybe, you have been neglecting your Dad a bit?”

“What is neglecting?” She asked, while trying to regain some composure.

“Neglecting is when you are so busy with something, that you…” I paused to think about how to simplify the word for my Niece, “…give little attention to something or someone. Maybe your Dad wants more time with you?”

“But why do he need to take my Zane Toy away from me? I can spend time with him even with my Zane Toy what!”

“Well, who do you love more your Father or your Toy?”

She paused as if she realised something, but she stayed quiet.

“HAHA! You see? There are things more important that your toy. I am sure that your Dad taking away your toy is something he did because he loves you.”

She pondered for a while, but then she broke out in tears again, “NO! My dad hates me! He doesn’t even let me have what I want.”

“Well, if he gives whatever you want, you will bound to hurt yourself. Can you imagine a one year old toddler asking for scissors? For an adult, it isn’t that dangerous tool, but for a one year old baby, who doesn’t know how to eat food himself, would you trust him with a pair of scissors?”


I tried to calm her down several more times, but she won’t stop making a fuss. Hence, I had it.

“ENOUGH!” I changed to a serious tone and shouted at her.

She looked at me with her teary eyes, stopped her fuss.

“You need to stop pitying yourself so much. You just lost a toy, not your father, you need to gain some composure. I understand your pain, but making such a big fuss over a toy? Come on man, grow up a bit. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be sad. I am not saying that it is wrong to feel sad. However, I am saying that you need to know what is more important and save your tears for those things.”

She looked a bit offended but she was listening to me too, so she didn’t dare to say anything back.

“Ok, so now, what we are going to do now is this. There is a place for supper near here right? Yeah, there is a MacDonalds right around the corner. I am going to buy you supper, you are going to eat. Then, we can chat about how you are feeling, you can cry all you want, BUT, you need to promise me to stop pitying yourself. You are not pitiful. There are people that are way worse than you. Are we ok?”

I brought her to supper and after that, I walked her home to her Father. My Brother was just so glad to see her home and gave her a hug and brought her in.


Funny how when you try to write a story to say things you hope to say in real life, but when God enters the picture of the story, it changes the tone entirely. God loves and is slow to anger. Funny how that played out in this story. Well, I hope that in a few years time when I read back, I wil forget what I was trying to say with this story. To forget all the hate and anger, but remember God’s amazing love.



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