=496= Reflections: Without

Well, school is out for like the second week now. Been loving all the rest I have been getting so far.

Hmm, I have been wondering what life without my poly friends will be like. Well, as of now, I am way closer to my poly friends than to my church friends, so the abandonment issues keep rising and I feel so -sigh-. Oh well.

Sour is the word of the day. HAHA. Well, sour has been in my conversations recently. Well.

Man, I went for the shoot and went to studio, just because like I wanted to use it for my live sound mix. Then, I went to Hive and watched Riverdale with them. Man, do I miss them. 😦

Life without my poly friends is going to be really tough…. 😦

Man, after this sem, I have gotten closer to so many people. A few expected and yet a few unexpected. HAHA. Well, gained a best friend over the week! Heh! πŸ˜€ Really talked to someone. Enjoyed conversations with people. Well, I really want us to keep in contact. Man, I feel so like bummed when like everyone around me are working and like I am not yet.

Well, my plans right now are, wait for Mr Lau’s response and like answer. If something churns out, then yay! However, if it doesn’t, then I would really want to work in church again. But this time in a different department, hopefully Bro Chris allows. If not, yeah, oh well! πŸ™‚ HAHA.

I have a desire to like, set up the whole system properly in Emmaus at least. I managed to get like a monitor speaker up for the console last Sun! It was a cool thing to do! πŸ™‚

Well, I really like learning sound. I love understanding so much and like being able to tune great sound. Lord, I have been trying to keep myself at it. I really want to retain as much info from my diploma. These four years of my life has been a great experience. Thank you SOOO much God for blessing me with so much.

Man, am I sentimental.

Well, I just miss the everyday hectic and interaction with people that I love. Man. Just so lonely now. 😦

Oh well.

I hate it when people say, you just gotta get over it. When I clearly don’t want to get over it. 😫 Man, how can people get used to change? I mean, COME ON, they are people that you actually invested a ton of time and effort in, so why Sia? Why is it so easy for people to put some friendships down? I hate it. 😦

Oh well, now that everything is done, I am trying again. Let’s try to continue to apply what I have learned! πŸ™‚

Ok! Thank you Lord for showing me so much favour! I remember asking for a group of friends that I can be vulnerable with a few years back. Now I do have it. Lord, will you please restore it though? I mean, why let such stuff affect something so beautiful? 😦

Lord, please bring us back. Thank you Lord.



=495= Word: Wonder

Recently, a very interesting word was dropped into my heart. When there isn’t anymore wonder, there is no worship. Very profound. HAHA.

What this means is that when we stopped remembering that God dying for us is something big and special, we would lose our amazement and eventually stop praising Him because what he did was mundane.

I am SOOO guilty of taking God’s death for granted. So guilty. Being in this church for such a long time,  serving for such a long time, I sometimes do feel that I had lost that wonder I once had of the Lord.

Recently, something happened that made me notice someone’s wonder of the Lord. I am very excited to see this transformation and learn this once again. Very exciting stuff.

I asked the Lord, how do I keep this wonder for Him. He replied with an amazing imagery. He showed me the amazing sceneries of the world.

Just like the man that travels to watch an amazing scenery for the first time, be like that man. 

Let me explain. A man that sees an amazing view will be in awe and have that wonder for that scenery. However, when he revisits the second time, the feeling diminishes. So how does he continue to have that wonder? He explores continually to find that new view that he will see for the first time.

In the same way, how do I remain amazed at God’s love? I continue to explore and discover new truths about His love! 

Lord, help me to stay amazed at your great love! Thank you Father!


=494= Thanksgiving: Cymbal Debut

I cannot believe this. My dream for a full set of cymbals and a snare FINALLY came true. FINALLY.

Man, you have NO IDEA how much I wanted my own cymbals and snare. Just stalk this blog for a while, you can find me ranting on equipment I want. Well of course when I first started out, I already wanted my own set, but when I started listening and playing in CAMY, then when I saw Leb using his own set of cymbals. MAN, Wah piang, I was SOO jelly.

I can still remember his old set!

13 1/4 inch k custom hybrid hihats
16 inch k dark crash
18 inch k dark crash
20 inch Constantinople ride
19 inch k custom hybrid china

I was like, MANNNN, you have the most ideal set of cymbals from my Favourite cymbal company man. UNFAIR!

Next time when I get my own set, it won’t be the most ideal. 😦

Then, as the years went by, I saw how Leb continually fine tune his set and swap out cymbals. Even, buying some off Jon. I learned that there is no such thing as a cymbal set that is the most most ideal. It is just, the cymbals you like to use that is most ideal for the set.

I did a WHOLE lot more research for cymbals. I studied different company’s cymbals. Zildjian, Paiste, TRX, Sabian etc etc. I spent A LOT of time reading up on the difference in alloy, the weight, et etc.

You can ask me man. I have a decent amount of knowledge on cymbals. Just ask my poly friends! I kept going on about the difference in alloy, B20 alloy etc etc. Basically cymbal bronze is an alloy made out of tin and copper. So generally, the more tin it has in the alloy, the more complex the sound is going to be. Constantinople cymbals are made out B25 alloy, meaning 25% tin. B20 is 20% and B8 is 8% tin.

B8 alloy are mainly used in lower priced cymbals. BUT paiste really expanded the line of B8 and made professional sounding B8 cymbals. Up till today, I still love the Giant beat series of cymbals! Just SOOO good. Not to mention, deep purple’s drummer, Ian Paice, uses the 2002 line. Just WHOO!

Not only that Paiste has its own formula of cymbal alloy. Its phosphor bronze alloy, their signature line. AMAZING. Up till today, the G2’s 16 inch crash is still one of my favourite crashes, mainly because I used it so much over the years playing at G2. Too bad it is cracked now… 😦

One period of time I REALLY wanted to buy Paiste, but a few factors stopped me. One, selection in Singapore is REALLY VERYY little. I cannot find any cymbal from the Formula 602 line(or maybe at that time). I only know that Ranking has them, apart from that, they are FREAKING expensive. Man. Just their 2002 line are being sold for the same price as the premium lines from other brands. Such an expensive line, but I really wanted them. I even thought about saving up like two thousand dollars to build my set! I was willing to pay for the Swiss precision in cymbals.

The other brand I thought about having was TRX. Well, who didn’t after watching Cobus play TRX for so many years. Man, their lines were easy to differentiate and choose. I wanted the MDM line, but this didn’t last Long.

The brand that I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS wanted was Zildjian. MANNNN. Zildjian is the dream. Even today, their innovations in cymbal technology are unparalleled. I mean COME ON, look at the spiral cymbal stacker! SOOO innovative! Then this year, MAN, the extra dry line. They are making cymbals that are AMAZING left right center man! Not only that, Zildjian has the history. Man, they have been around for YEARS. Buddy rich, etc etc. For people in the industry Zildjian will ALWAYS been King. Vintage Zildjian cymbals from Constantinople or Instanbul lines are the holy grail of cymbals. Man. Don’t get me started on vintage cymbals. MANNNN. How delightfully sexy they are!

However, the company had the same problem as Paiste, I cannot afford the cymbals. They are incredibly expensive. 😫 The selection is however, several times WAYY better than Paiste. The Yamaha at Dhoby still makes me salivate over the cymbals there. I actually have a few Zildjian cymbals, but not in my set, because I had NO idea how to build one properly until I grew older I learned new things.


The main brand I have chosen for my cymbals is, Dream Cymbals. Of course I have thought about other brands like, Sabian, Amedia, Bosphorous, etc etc, BUT, when you have a cymbal tone as nice as the 20 inch vintage bliss crash ride, man, you just cannot run away from the cymbals. Quality speaks for itself.

Not only that, their cymbals are INCREDIBLY affordable. I bought my 20 inc crash ride for 219 dollars, come on, that is dirt cheap for a cymbal that sounds THAT good. I mean, SERIOUSLY! It was at that point that I realised that having a cymbal set is possible because dream cymbals are affordable enough! 

Well, but, the selection in Singapore wasn’t very good. Like music gear was the reseller, but, they didn’t have the latest stuff. At one point, I wanted hi-Hats and the only one that was available was from Zildjian, the 14 inch kerope. Man, I liked it, but no lah. Cannot, doesn’t justify the price when the cymbals from dream sound THAT great. Just cannot justify! πŸ™‚

The service in music gear was just superb by the way. Trust the Musician buying stuff and let them try the stuff out before buying! COME ON other music shops! LEARN! -.-

Then, I bought my ride and a crash for $300 with a case over Carousell. They sound amazing. For 300 bucks? They were an absolute steal man.

Then, recently, I went to get myself a pair of hi-Hats, because the new shipment came! I went through probably 6-8 pairs of hi hats, 3 of the same model before settling on the exact pair that I bought. Man. They sound incredible. I am SOOO excited to play them tmr!

Ok anyways let me introduce you to my cymbal set!

From the left,

Dream 14 inch Bliss hi hats. Named it Lin Truly, from Our times. This is because, Lin Truly was supposed to be from the Ignition set, because I misplaced cymbals from school. Then I thought, hey, love that came because of a circumstance, sounds like our times, Lin Truly. HENCE TADAAA!

Zildjian 10 inch K custom brilliant splash. Named it Mary from About Time. This is because, this is the first pro level cymbal I own. This was bought off my drum school and I used it SOO much because we were using Cajon for a while in church and like, my splash just fit the role SOOO much! It cuts SOOO well and it is large enough to kinda swell! Very nice! I was just reflecting over the times and About Time came to mind! πŸ™‚

Dream 18 inch Vinatge Bliss crash. Named it Tracy after the Mother in How I Met Your Mother. Very nice. Fits very well with my ride. It isn’t as sensitive as my 20 inch vintage bliss, but its tone is outstanding. 

Dream 20 inch Energy Ride. Named it Naina from Kal Ho Na Ho. Well, it has like an Indian look to it! So I gave it an Indian name! Gotta love the Bollywood movie man! I actually wanted a 22 inch Energy crash ride because of This dream cymbal artist, he is groovy and SOOO good, but since like hey got deal, why not right? Besides now I am quite happy that I have something that cuts more. It is VERY sweet sounding and the bell is WHOO. 

Dream 20 inch Vintage bliss Crash Ride. Named it Constance from the Three Musketeers. When I first got this. MAN, I was blown away by how sensitive and expressive it was. I still do love it. It is still my favourite cymbal from the bunch. Like, really nice. This was the cymbal that started my cymbal set. Man, still blown away.

Finally, my snare, my beloved snare and back beat of it all. Mapex 14 x 6.5 inch maple Limited edition snare. Named it Audrey from Liar Liar! I remembered that I envied Leb’s cherry snare. 14 x 6.5 as well, man the tone was AMAZING.  So when I bought this, I just loved it. I tried several heads along with it, but I went back to my staple, the hydraulic black. Man, this head is the best! When I used it for live sound, Man, I loved it SOOO much more than the free floater snare. I used my snare for AEPG as well, I am so glad I did, my snare’s tone just blew its competition away! 

Not only that right, I bought myself a mono cymbal bag. A mono stick bag and cympads. Man. They are amazing. I am SOO happy that I have the instruments that I am blessed with. They are fantastic! I will use them to worship you O Lord.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with my instruments! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.

Goodnight! πŸ™‚ 


=493= Reflections: Graphic Design

HAHA, some of you guys know my journey these few days to try to come up with a graphic for CAMY recruitment.

Well, I was actually quite a bit argh; regretting my decision to take this up. This was because well, I have absolutely no background in graphic design. HAHA! I just, took it up and yeah. Well, since I had no background in this right, I decided to play on my strength and dragged photography in.

My first concept was playing on an old joke in R-AGE, “if you don’t join us, who will lead worship? Do you mean, we will play CD? :O”

So at the back of my head, I was thinking of like a series of ads. Like. Basically, instead of just CD, there are more photos. Playback from MP3 on phone. Playback from Spotify. Etc etc.

So here is my first photo!


OK, just imagine like 3 versions of these in black background. Kinda like those smoking/police ads at the MRT doors, every door is different.

Well, things learned from this photo:

    1. Need to simplify elements of the image. This means the background, I was thinking about simplifying the photo even further by going for a black background.
    2. Approach design with a positive message rather than a negative one. Don’t recruit because there is a lack, recruit because people want to join.

Then, the next morning, I texted Soaps and asked her for help and WAH, she gave me SOOO much help. She taught me how to think about the message I wanna portray, the concept, etc etc. There were SOOO many details that I didn’t even consider.

Then, I thought about maybe, simply a dude carrying a guitar up to the stage. Well, you must understand me ok, I didn’t have a subject to shoot, the only subject I had was me. SO like, it was really quite hard to do that. I was all ready to set my tripod set timer and shoot. Then, JJ agreed to come be my subject.

Well, you can see my idea!


Generally, I still think that it is a nice photo. Like, I really like the lighting! Funny story! I wanted to do this, then like, I knew I needed a light, so I asked Rowell if there were any lights available for me to use. SO Rowell, let me use the LED strip light used for illuminating the Bethel backstage walkway. It is actually quite nice! I mean, not the most ideal light to use, but, hey beggars can’t be choosers! Nevertheless, I really like how I can have his entire body lit. Very cool.

HOWEVER! When I showed it to Soaps, she replied, “this isn’t an inspiring or interesting photo, he looked like he has the entire world’s weight on his shoulders, very shallow”

Well, when I read it I just went, OH MAN. Well, she did warn me when I pitched the idea to her. I just didn’t think properly. Once she said that, in my little melancholic head, I cannot accept the photo as well.

Lessons learned from this photo:

  1. The posture of the subject matters. The way he carries the guitar. The way he looks. The way he steps up. The way he straightens his back or slouches. All play a part in the final image
  2. The lighting of the image really affects the mood quite a bit. Having all these shadows really does make the image look gloomy.
  3. The colours of the LED washes play a part on stage too. I probably would have gotten a more cheerful image if I had changed the lighting colours to yellow/red/pink.

Overall, I still think that the photo can be used, but probably for a different kinda event. Maybe like, a sermon for leaders that serves too much and burns out. Pastor, if you want the image one day, just ask! HAHAHA!

Anyways here is my idea for the text.


Ok, at this point, I already know that it won’t work, but I wanted to give photoshop a spin. HAHA! I probably should have used a different colour, though! HAHA!

But honestly, Eugene/Yun Ying/Joni/Esna/Leb, please give me a crash course in graphic design PLEASE! NO! OR EVEN BETTAR, SOAPPPSSSSS PLEASSSSEEEE! HAHAHAHAH!

SO I had my last idea, which I am pretty happy with the results. I thought about it and asked Sam to be my model. I tested some stuff out, asked Soaps for ideas. Ran to Ananas, got food, ran back, recomposed, shot Sam in very little time! Just WHOO!

The thing that made ALL the difference was the white balance. GOODNESS. The thing I had trouble with was that because my camera was facing tungsten lights, the Auto White Balance tries to compensate with blue. SO when I lit my subjects with white light, the subject turned blue. Hence, once I changed to daylight, WHOA! The colours everything just pop-ed. I just! WHOA!

Then, adding the text was quite fun. I tried a basic one, then I tried to do more advanced kinda text. Then, after I learned that, the engineer in me just wanted to experiment the use of blending and knockout to form certain words/effects. I experimented ah, I wanna learn more.

Things I learned from the 3rd photo that I won’t show you all, cause, spoilers:

  1. White balance during a shoot HELPS SOOOO MUCH.
  2. Having your subject closer to you, makes the image look more dynamic. COME ON KELVIN, Remember this already! :<
  3. Always frame within a frame; frame your shot, then go wider of you are shooting for a graphic. This will help you when you are designing the graphic where you can recompose and crop.
  4. Always feed yourself with ideas from elsewhere, this will help you to know your options.
  5. If you have seen it before, it can be done, just need to do enough research.

SO yeah, my journey in graphic design has just started, hopefully, I will grow more in this area! πŸ™‚ OK!



=492= Reflections: Storm

Father, will you please bring me back to you?

Help me find that wonder in you once again.

Through the chaos of life, Lord, you are there.

I see a storm cloud hovering over this rock, the rain only hits the barren land with no plants. Then as you walk out, you see that the cloud is only at the rock. The rest of the landscape is all green grass, vibrant flowers and tall trees. the sky was blue and clouds were white. Only that rock has the rain. Then months passes, all the greenery wilt, the storm cloud still only on the rock.

Lord, will I be grass that knows that I need water and will try to get water from the storm.

Father, bless me Lord. I am tired of living life without you! Draw me back to you Lord!

Allow me to discover you once again.

Thank you Lord


=491= Reflections: Instrument Schedule


For anyone reading this blog and actually gets my reference, you guys know why I am salty.

Oh well! HAHAH!

I finished my last paper in school. I am so happy. It seemed a little surreal and in some ways, quite anti-climatic. Honestly, I love our lecturersΒ man. I love their passion in their teaching and I love how they have been so understanding and professional throughout our 3 years in school.

My heart is really full today because of another issue. I realised that I have gained REALLY good friends this semester. Honestly, REALLY REALLY good friends. I honestly never thought I will have such strong friendships, especially in Polytechnic, where it supposed to be competitive.

I am SOOOO Thankful sia.

Really. They are strong stable friendships that I can be honest with them and not be afraid that they would leave me. Friends that I can be angry with, tell them that I am angry with them and we would make peace and love each other again. Friends that will forgive me when I screw up badly and still trust me with stuff. I love them sia.

I honestly think that it will be friends for life. Well, I know life and time would allow less interation among us, I am actually very sad and sentimental sia. 😦 3 years togetehr leh….

Anyways, people reading this, remember ah, I am VERY low maintainence one! HAHA! Doesn’t matter if we never talk for a few years, you just text me, as long as I have time, I will meet up with you! Trust me!

Lord, please let me have these friends for life. PLEASE. Sustain our friendship long enough for us to continue to support and love each other. Please Lord.

Thank you so much!

Ok, time for some rest from this euphoria of feelings! HAHA!

Thank you Lord


=489= Thanksgving: Presentations

I am always so thankful for the presentations in AVT.

I am so thankful that we don’t have to dress up for every presentation.

Our attitude has always been, “let my work do the talking.”

I am so grateful for this past three years of education that it has provided me. May I continue to treasure this period of time.

The Lord have been blessing me with a lot of new friends recently. Some of which we weren’t very close, but somehow, started talking over some stuff. Always glad to have new friends! HAHA

Also glad for a friendship that deepened over the course of this Sem. Very interesting to see how it progressed. 

No actually it is two friendships that deepened, but one more than the other.

My new favourite word is the word “draw.” HAHA. Well, I really like how I really like to say, there is a certain draw rather than a certain attraction. Somehow I find that word more accurate.

I just gained a mentor in audio! 😁 WHOO HOO! It is just nice to know that I will have someone to learn from and that I will continue to learn audio and retain audio knowledge.

AEPG IS OVARRR! Can’t wait for Friday to be over as well! 😁

So much to be enjoyed man.

I am already in holiday mood man, this is bad! 😦

Come on Kelvin, let’s work hard, push for that last round.

Thank you God! πŸ™‚


=488= Words of Joy: Character

I love how great Rowell’s character is. He is really one of the nicest guys I know. Honestly, I haven’t seen him really angry before. He is so patient and understanding.

I was honestly struggling with the whole mic set up just now. I am really not a leader kinda sound engineer. I have practically no clue how to lead a project that I am unsure of. I am more of a partner kinda sound engineer. I much rather have someone that would think alongside me and disagree with me when I am wrong. I am so glad that I work so closely with Rowell as a technical in church. He is such a joy to work with. Just WHOO.

Asked Steven if he is willing to continue to teach me sound even after this Sem ends, he replied that it is really hard for him because he has no time and that he only brought one batch out. Sad. However, he has allowed me to text him whenever I have a question on sound. So HEY! Not too bad! 😁

My plan to continue to learn sound while studying something different is getting quite somewhere! 😁

Now the next step is to ask Mr Lau to teach me too!

Doubt he would be willing, but worth a shot right? HAHA!

Set up was tiring man. It sucks that I am not the one there to do sound, but there are more important things to do! So yeah! Let’s go! Let’s Chiong tonight! πŸ™‚

Let’s go Jia Jun!

Pray for me guys, so much work to be done! 


=487= Words of Melancholy: Slideshow With Na Xie Nian

Wah, honestly, when Pammy’s group just sang Na Xie Nian with the slideshows full of photos of our batch, it just hit me so hard that I have spent 3 full years with my class.

I remembered when I entered year 1, I ranted that the class wasn’t as close as my PFP class and yet, now when I saw the slideshow, I was SOO much more emotional now then when I graduated from PFP.

Perhaps a change in personality?

I was a MelChor before the end of PFP. Now being a SangMel perhaps I am more emotional that way.

Perhaps, I have gained deeper relationships with my classmates. I would think so. I mean, I seldom even keep in contact with my PFP classmates anymore. The ones that I can go up to and just chat and talk are so few. Oh I actually do miss quite a few of them. Dinah, Wee Geok and Jordi, please meet up soon. 😦

In that one year of SOO much drama, I really didn’t have that many close friends. Probably only the three I listed above, apart from them, I never really went really that deep not even with the three above.

This last Sem, whoa. HAHA. I have gained so many close friends Sia. You know who you people are. Somehow or another, people who weren’t that close in the first two years suddenly become close over some issues! Friendships that became awkward due to old conflicts over work was refreshed and fixed Sia. I really think that Intern made us all grow up and within a short 5 months, God really blessed me with so much more competency in technicals.

If you have let me done the live sound test before I went for internship, I probably wouldn’t have done so well. I probably would have been struggling through.

Thank God for blessing me with so much through this period in my life.

Good friends and products of work and ability. Lord, you really bless me more than I asked for.

Not only that, I think that there are a few friends that are potentially becoming good friends. Probably after 17 Feb, we would probably get closer! It seems that way. Cannot wait for Taiwan! 😁

Thank you so much Lord.