=487= Words of Melancholy: Slideshow With Na Xie Nian

Wah, honestly, when Pammy’s group just sang Na Xie Nian with the slideshows full of photos of our batch, it just hit me so hard that I have spent 3 full years with my class.

I remembered when I entered year 1, I ranted that the class wasn’t as close as my PFP class and yet, now when I saw the slideshow, I was SOO much more emotional now then when I graduated from PFP.

Perhaps a change in personality?

I was a MelChor before the end of PFP. Now being a SangMel perhaps I am more emotional that way.

Perhaps, I have gained deeper relationships with my classmates. I would think so. I mean, I seldom even keep in contact with my PFP classmates anymore. The ones that I can go up to and just chat and talk are so few. Oh I actually do miss quite a few of them. Dinah, Wee Geok and Jordi, please meet up soon. 😦

In that one year of SOO much drama, I really didn’t have that many close friends. Probably only the three I listed above, apart from them, I never really went really that deep not even with the three above.

This last Sem, whoa. HAHA. I have gained so many close friends Sia. You know who you people are. Somehow or another, people who weren’t that close in the first two years suddenly become close over some issues! Friendships that became awkward due to old conflicts over work was refreshed and fixed Sia. I really think that Intern made us all grow up and within a short 5 months, God really blessed me with so much more competency in technicals.

If you have let me done the live sound test before I went for internship, I probably wouldn’t have done so well. I probably would have been struggling through.

Thank God for blessing me with so much through this period in my life.

Good friends and products of work and ability. Lord, you really bless me more than I asked for.

Not only that, I think that there are a few friends that are potentially becoming good friends. Probably after 17 Feb, we would probably get closer! It seems that way. Cannot wait for Taiwan! 😁

Thank you so much Lord.


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