=488= Words of Joy: Character

I love how great Rowell’s character is. He is really one of the nicest guys I know. Honestly, I haven’t seen him really angry before. He is so patient and understanding.

I was honestly struggling with the whole mic set up just now. I am really not a leader kinda sound engineer. I have practically no clue how to lead a project that I am unsure of. I am more of a partner kinda sound engineer. I much rather have someone that would think alongside me and disagree with me when I am wrong. I am so glad that I work so closely with Rowell as a technical in church. He is such a joy to work with. Just WHOO.

Asked Steven if he is willing to continue to teach me sound even after this Sem ends, he replied that it is really hard for him because he has no time and that he only brought one batch out. Sad. However, he has allowed me to text him whenever I have a question on sound. So HEY! Not too bad! 😁

My plan to continue to learn sound while studying something different is getting quite somewhere! 😁

Now the next step is to ask Mr Lau to teach me too!

Doubt he would be willing, but worth a shot right? HAHA!

Set up was tiring man. It sucks that I am not the one there to do sound, but there are more important things to do! So yeah! Let’s go! Let’s Chiong tonight! 🙂

Let’s go Jia Jun!

Pray for me guys, so much work to be done! 


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