=489= Thanksgving: Presentations

I am always so thankful for the presentations in AVT.

I am so thankful that we don’t have to dress up for every presentation.

Our attitude has always been, “let my work do the talking.”

I am so grateful for this past three years of education that it has provided me. May I continue to treasure this period of time.

The Lord have been blessing me with a lot of new friends recently. Some of which we weren’t very close, but somehow, started talking over some stuff. Always glad to have new friends! HAHA

Also glad for a friendship that deepened over the course of this Sem. Very interesting to see how it progressed. 

No actually it is two friendships that deepened, but one more than the other.

My new favourite word is the word “draw.” HAHA. Well, I really like how I really like to say, there is a certain draw rather than a certain attraction. Somehow I find that word more accurate.

I just gained a mentor in audio! 😁 WHOO HOO! It is just nice to know that I will have someone to learn from and that I will continue to learn audio and retain audio knowledge.

AEPG IS OVARRR! Can’t wait for Friday to be over as well! 😁

So much to be enjoyed man.

I am already in holiday mood man, this is bad! 😦

Come on Kelvin, let’s work hard, push for that last round.

Thank you God! 🙂


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