=491= Reflections: Instrument Schedule


For anyone reading this blog and actually gets my reference, you guys know why I am salty.

Oh well! HAHAH!

I finished my last paper in school. I am so happy. It seemed a little surreal and in some ways, quite anti-climatic. Honestly, I love our lecturers man. I love their passion in their teaching and I love how they have been so understanding and professional throughout our 3 years in school.

My heart is really full today because of another issue. I realised that I have gained REALLY good friends this semester. Honestly, REALLY REALLY good friends. I honestly never thought I will have such strong friendships, especially in Polytechnic, where it supposed to be competitive.

I am SOOOO Thankful sia.

Really. They are strong stable friendships that I can be honest with them and not be afraid that they would leave me. Friends that I can be angry with, tell them that I am angry with them and we would make peace and love each other again. Friends that will forgive me when I screw up badly and still trust me with stuff. I love them sia.

I honestly think that it will be friends for life. Well, I know life and time would allow less interation among us, I am actually very sad and sentimental sia. ­čśŽ 3 years togetehr leh….

Anyways, people reading this, remember ah, I am VERY low maintainence one! HAHA! Doesn’t matter if we never talk for a few years, you just text me, as long as I have time, I will meet up with you! Trust me!

Lord, please let me have these friends for life. PLEASE. Sustain our friendship long enough for us to continue to support and love each other. Please Lord.

Thank you so much!

Ok, time for some rest from this euphoria of feelings! HAHA!

Thank you Lord