=492= Reflections: Storm

Father, will you please bring me back to you?

Help me find that wonder in you once again.

Through the chaos of life, Lord, you are there.

I see a storm cloud hovering over this rock, the rain only hits the barren land with no plants. Then as you walk out, you see that the cloud is only at the rock. The rest of the landscape is all green grass, vibrant flowers and tall trees. the sky was blue and clouds were white. Only that rock has the rain. Then months passes, all the greenery wilt, the storm cloud still only on the rock.

Lord, will I be grass that knows that I need water and will try to get water from the storm.

Father, bless me Lord. I am tired of living life without you! Draw me back to you Lord!

Allow me to discover you once again.

Thank you Lord


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