=493= Reflections: Graphic Design

HAHA, some of you guys know my journey these few days to try to come up with a graphic for CAMY recruitment.

Well, I was actually quite a bit argh; regretting my decision to take this up. This was because well, I have absolutely no background in graphic design. HAHA! I just, took it up and yeah. Well, since I had no background in this right, I decided to play on my strength and dragged photography in.

My first concept was playing on an old joke in R-AGE, “if you don’t join us, who will lead worship? Do you mean, we will play CD? :O”

So at the back of my head, I was thinking of like a series of ads. Like. Basically, instead of just CD, there are more photos. Playback from MP3 on phone. Playback from Spotify. Etc etc.

So here is my first photo!


OK, just imagine like 3 versions of these in black background. Kinda like those smoking/police ads at the MRT doors, every door is different.

Well, things learned from this photo:

    1. Need to simplify elements of the image. This means the background, I was thinking about simplifying the photo even further by going for a black background.
    2. Approach design with a positive message rather than a negative one. Don’t recruit because there is a lack, recruit because people want to join.

Then, the next morning, I texted Soaps and asked her for help and WAH, she gave me SOOO much help. She taught me how to think about the message I wanna portray, the concept, etc etc. There were SOOO many details that I didn’t even consider.

Then, I thought about maybe, simply a dude carrying a guitar up to the stage. Well, you must understand me ok, I didn’t have a subject to shoot, the only subject I had was me. SO like, it was really quite hard to do that. I was all ready to set my tripod set timer and shoot. Then, JJ agreed to come be my subject.

Well, you can see my idea!


Generally, I still think that it is a nice photo. Like, I really like the lighting! Funny story! I wanted to do this, then like, I knew I needed a light, so I asked Rowell if there were any lights available for me to use. SO Rowell, let me use the LED strip light used for illuminating the Bethel backstage walkway. It is actually quite nice! I mean, not the most ideal light to use, but, hey beggars can’t be choosers! Nevertheless, I really like how I can have his entire body lit. Very cool.

HOWEVER! When I showed it to Soaps, she replied, “this isn’t an inspiring or interesting photo, he looked like he has the entire world’s weight on his shoulders, very shallow”

Well, when I read it I just went, OH MAN. Well, she did warn me when I pitched the idea to her. I just didn’t think properly. Once she said that, in my little melancholic head, I cannot accept the photo as well.

Lessons learned from this photo:

  1. The posture of the subject matters. The way he carries the guitar. The way he looks. The way he steps up. The way he straightens his back or slouches. All play a part in the final image
  2. The lighting of the image really affects the mood quite a bit. Having all these shadows really does make the image look gloomy.
  3. The colours of the LED washes play a part on stage too. I probably would have gotten a more cheerful image if I had changed the lighting colours to yellow/red/pink.

Overall, I still think that the photo can be used, but probably for a different kinda event. Maybe like, a sermon for leaders that serves too much and burns out. Pastor, if you want the image one day, just ask! HAHAHA!

Anyways here is my idea for the text.


Ok, at this point, I already know that it won’t work, but I wanted to give photoshop a spin. HAHA! I probably should have used a different colour, though! HAHA!

But honestly, Eugene/Yun Ying/Joni/Esna/Leb, please give me a crash course in graphic design PLEASE! NO! OR EVEN BETTAR, SOAPPPSSSSS PLEASSSSEEEE! HAHAHAHAH!

SO I had my last idea, which I am pretty happy with the results. I thought about it and asked Sam to be my model. I tested some stuff out, asked Soaps for ideas. Ran to Ananas, got food, ran back, recomposed, shot Sam in very little time! Just WHOO!

The thing that made ALL the difference was the white balance. GOODNESS. The thing I had trouble with was that because my camera was facing tungsten lights, the Auto White Balance tries to compensate with blue. SO when I lit my subjects with white light, the subject turned blue. Hence, once I changed to daylight, WHOA! The colours everything just pop-ed. I just! WHOA!

Then, adding the text was quite fun. I tried a basic one, then I tried to do more advanced kinda text. Then, after I learned that, the engineer in me just wanted to experiment the use of blending and knockout to form certain words/effects. I experimented ah, I wanna learn more.

Things I learned from the 3rd photo that I won’t show you all, cause, spoilers:

  1. White balance during a shoot HELPS SOOOO MUCH.
  2. Having your subject closer to you, makes the image look more dynamic. COME ON KELVIN, Remember this already! :<
  3. Always frame within a frame; frame your shot, then go wider of you are shooting for a graphic. This will help you when you are designing the graphic where you can recompose and crop.
  4. Always feed yourself with ideas from elsewhere, this will help you to know your options.
  5. If you have seen it before, it can be done, just need to do enough research.

SO yeah, my journey in graphic design has just started, hopefully, I will grow more in this area! 🙂 OK!



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