=494= Thanksgiving: Cymbal Debut

I cannot believe this. My dream for a full set of cymbals and a snare FINALLY came true. FINALLY.

Man, you have NO IDEA how much I wanted my own cymbals and snare. Just stalk this blog for a while, you can find me ranting on equipment I want. Well of course when I first started out, I already wanted my own set, but when I started listening and playing in CAMY, then when I saw Leb using his own set of cymbals. MAN, Wah piang, I was SOO jelly.

I can still remember his old set!

13 1/4 inch k custom hybrid hihats
16 inch k dark crash
18 inch k dark crash
20 inch Constantinople ride
19 inch k custom hybrid china

I was like, MANNNN, you have the most ideal set of cymbals from my Favourite cymbal company man. UNFAIR!

Next time when I get my own set, it won’t be the most ideal. 😦

Then, as the years went by, I saw how Leb continually fine tune his set and swap out cymbals. Even, buying some off Jon. I learned that there is no such thing as a cymbal set that is the most most ideal. It is just, the cymbals you like to use that is most ideal for the set.

I did a WHOLE lot more research for cymbals. I studied different company’s cymbals. Zildjian, Paiste, TRX, Sabian etc etc. I spent A LOT of time reading up on the difference in alloy, the weight, et etc.

You can ask me man. I have a decent amount of knowledge on cymbals. Just ask my poly friends! I kept going on about the difference in alloy, B20 alloy etc etc. Basically cymbal bronze is an alloy made out of tin and copper. So generally, the more tin it has in the alloy, the more complex the sound is going to be. Constantinople cymbals are made out B25 alloy, meaning 25% tin. B20 is 20% and B8 is 8% tin.

B8 alloy are mainly used in lower priced cymbals. BUT paiste really expanded the line of B8 and made professional sounding B8 cymbals. Up till today, I still love the Giant beat series of cymbals! Just SOOO good. Not to mention, deep purple’s drummer, Ian Paice, uses the 2002 line. Just WHOO!

Not only that Paiste has its own formula of cymbal alloy. Its phosphor bronze alloy, their signature line. AMAZING. Up till today, the G2’s 16 inch crash is still one of my favourite crashes, mainly because I used it so much over the years playing at G2. Too bad it is cracked now… 😦

One period of time I REALLY wanted to buy Paiste, but a few factors stopped me. One, selection in Singapore is REALLY VERYY little. I cannot find any cymbal from the Formula 602 line(or maybe at that time). I only know that Ranking has them, apart from that, they are FREAKING expensive. Man. Just their 2002 line are being sold for the same price as the premium lines from other brands. Such an expensive line, but I really wanted them. I even thought about saving up like two thousand dollars to build my set! I was willing to pay for the Swiss precision in cymbals.

The other brand I thought about having was TRX. Well, who didn’t after watching Cobus play TRX for so many years. Man, their lines were easy to differentiate and choose. I wanted the MDM line, but this didn’t last Long.

The brand that I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS wanted was Zildjian. MANNNN. Zildjian is the dream. Even today, their innovations in cymbal technology are unparalleled. I mean COME ON, look at the spiral cymbal stacker! SOOO innovative! Then this year, MAN, the extra dry line. They are making cymbals that are AMAZING left right center man! Not only that, Zildjian has the history. Man, they have been around for YEARS. Buddy rich, etc etc. For people in the industry Zildjian will ALWAYS been King. Vintage Zildjian cymbals from Constantinople or Instanbul lines are the holy grail of cymbals. Man. Don’t get me started on vintage cymbals. MANNNN. How delightfully sexy they are!

However, the company had the same problem as Paiste, I cannot afford the cymbals. They are incredibly expensive. 😫 The selection is however, several times WAYY better than Paiste. The Yamaha at Dhoby still makes me salivate over the cymbals there. I actually have a few Zildjian cymbals, but not in my set, because I had NO idea how to build one properly until I grew older I learned new things.


The main brand I have chosen for my cymbals is, Dream Cymbals. Of course I have thought about other brands like, Sabian, Amedia, Bosphorous, etc etc, BUT, when you have a cymbal tone as nice as the 20 inch vintage bliss crash ride, man, you just cannot run away from the cymbals. Quality speaks for itself.

Not only that, their cymbals are INCREDIBLY affordable. I bought my 20 inc crash ride for 219 dollars, come on, that is dirt cheap for a cymbal that sounds THAT good. I mean, SERIOUSLY! It was at that point that I realised that having a cymbal set is possible because dream cymbals are affordable enough! 

Well, but, the selection in Singapore wasn’t very good. Like music gear was the reseller, but, they didn’t have the latest stuff. At one point, I wanted hi-Hats and the only one that was available was from Zildjian, the 14 inch kerope. Man, I liked it, but no lah. Cannot, doesn’t justify the price when the cymbals from dream sound THAT great. Just cannot justify! 🙂

The service in music gear was just superb by the way. Trust the Musician buying stuff and let them try the stuff out before buying! COME ON other music shops! LEARN! -.-

Then, I bought my ride and a crash for $300 with a case over Carousell. They sound amazing. For 300 bucks? They were an absolute steal man.

Then, recently, I went to get myself a pair of hi-Hats, because the new shipment came! I went through probably 6-8 pairs of hi hats, 3 of the same model before settling on the exact pair that I bought. Man. They sound incredible. I am SOOO excited to play them tmr!

Ok anyways let me introduce you to my cymbal set!

From the left,

Dream 14 inch Bliss hi hats. Named it Lin Truly, from Our times. This is because, Lin Truly was supposed to be from the Ignition set, because I misplaced cymbals from school. Then I thought, hey, love that came because of a circumstance, sounds like our times, Lin Truly. HENCE TADAAA!

Zildjian 10 inch K custom brilliant splash. Named it Mary from About Time. This is because, this is the first pro level cymbal I own. This was bought off my drum school and I used it SOO much because we were using Cajon for a while in church and like, my splash just fit the role SOOO much! It cuts SOOO well and it is large enough to kinda swell! Very nice! I was just reflecting over the times and About Time came to mind! 🙂

Dream 18 inch Vinatge Bliss crash. Named it Tracy after the Mother in How I Met Your Mother. Very nice. Fits very well with my ride. It isn’t as sensitive as my 20 inch vintage bliss, but its tone is outstanding. 

Dream 20 inch Energy Ride. Named it Naina from Kal Ho Na Ho. Well, it has like an Indian look to it! So I gave it an Indian name! Gotta love the Bollywood movie man! I actually wanted a 22 inch Energy crash ride because of This dream cymbal artist, he is groovy and SOOO good, but since like hey got deal, why not right? Besides now I am quite happy that I have something that cuts more. It is VERY sweet sounding and the bell is WHOO. 

Dream 20 inch Vintage bliss Crash Ride. Named it Constance from the Three Musketeers. When I first got this. MAN, I was blown away by how sensitive and expressive it was. I still do love it. It is still my favourite cymbal from the bunch. Like, really nice. This was the cymbal that started my cymbal set. Man, still blown away.

Finally, my snare, my beloved snare and back beat of it all. Mapex 14 x 6.5 inch maple Limited edition snare. Named it Audrey from Liar Liar! I remembered that I envied Leb’s cherry snare. 14 x 6.5 as well, man the tone was AMAZING.  So when I bought this, I just loved it. I tried several heads along with it, but I went back to my staple, the hydraulic black. Man, this head is the best! When I used it for live sound, Man, I loved it SOOO much more than the free floater snare. I used my snare for AEPG as well, I am so glad I did, my snare’s tone just blew its competition away! 

Not only that right, I bought myself a mono cymbal bag. A mono stick bag and cympads. Man. They are amazing. I am SOO happy that I have the instruments that I am blessed with. They are fantastic! I will use them to worship you O Lord.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with my instruments! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.

Goodnight! 🙂