=495= Word: Wonder

Recently, a very interesting word was dropped into my heart. When there isn’t anymore wonder, there is no worship. Very profound. HAHA.

What this means is that when we stopped remembering that God dying for us is something big and special, we would lose our amazement and eventually stop praising Him because what he did was mundane.

I am SOOO guilty of taking God’s death for granted. So guilty. Being in this church for such a long time,  serving for such a long time, I sometimes do feel that I had lost that wonder I once had of the Lord.

Recently, something happened that made me notice someone’s wonder of the Lord. I am very excited to see this transformation and learn this once again. Very exciting stuff.

I asked the Lord, how do I keep this wonder for Him. He replied with an amazing imagery. He showed me the amazing sceneries of the world.

Just like the man that travels to watch an amazing scenery for the first time, be like that man. 

Let me explain. A man that sees an amazing view will be in awe and have that wonder for that scenery. However, when he revisits the second time, the feeling diminishes. So how does he continue to have that wonder? He explores continually to find that new view that he will see for the first time.

In the same way, how do I remain amazed at God’s love? I continue to explore and discover new truths about His love! 

Lord, help me to stay amazed at your great love! Thank you Father!


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