=496= Reflections: Without

Well, school is out for like the second week now. Been loving all the rest I have been getting so far.

Hmm, I have been wondering what life without my poly friends will be like. Well, as of now, I am way closer to my poly friends than to my church friends, so the abandonment issues keep rising and I feel so -sigh-. Oh well.

Sour is the word of the day. HAHA. Well, sour has been in my conversations recently. Well.

Man, I went for the shoot and went to studio, just because like I wanted to use it for my live sound mix. Then, I went to Hive and watched Riverdale with them. Man, do I miss them. 😦

Life without my poly friends is going to be really tough…. 😦

Man, after this sem, I have gotten closer to so many people. A few expected and yet a few unexpected. HAHA. Well, gained a best friend over the week! Heh! 😀 Really talked to someone. Enjoyed conversations with people. Well, I really want us to keep in contact. Man, I feel so like bummed when like everyone around me are working and like I am not yet.

Well, my plans right now are, wait for Mr Lau’s response and like answer. If something churns out, then yay! However, if it doesn’t, then I would really want to work in church again. But this time in a different department, hopefully Bro Chris allows. If not, yeah, oh well! 🙂 HAHA.

I have a desire to like, set up the whole system properly in Emmaus at least. I managed to get like a monitor speaker up for the console last Sun! It was a cool thing to do! 🙂

Well, I really like learning sound. I love understanding so much and like being able to tune great sound. Lord, I have been trying to keep myself at it. I really want to retain as much info from my diploma. These four years of my life has been a great experience. Thank you SOOO much God for blessing me with so much.

Man, am I sentimental.

Well, I just miss the everyday hectic and interaction with people that I love. Man. Just so lonely now. 😦

Oh well.

I hate it when people say, you just gotta get over it. When I clearly don’t want to get over it. 😫 Man, how can people get used to change? I mean, COME ON, they are people that you actually invested a ton of time and effort in, so why Sia? Why is it so easy for people to put some friendships down? I hate it. 😦

Oh well, now that everything is done, I am trying again. Let’s try to continue to apply what I have learned! 🙂

Ok! Thank you Lord for showing me so much favour! I remember asking for a group of friends that I can be vulnerable with a few years back. Now I do have it. Lord, will you please restore it though? I mean, why let such stuff affect something so beautiful? 😦

Lord, please bring us back. Thank you Lord.