=497= Words of Melancholy: Spent

Man, time spent.

I am quite drained.

Time spent, for what?

It sucks that time spent has been gone and that time received is going to be lesser now.

Man, cannot believe how bitter and sour I am feeling right now. Time spent on what? Where is the return? Why have I spent that time?

Time spent on useless things.

Why are you bitter and sour my soul? 

Why are you treating the Lord as your enemy?

Enough Kelvin. Enough of your whining.

The Lord is your fortress and your strength.

Have you forgotten?

Haven’t you tasted enough of the Lord’s goodness all these years? Come on Kelvin. Stop all this nonsense.

So what if your time spent was wasted? So what if your time spent was on something with no return?

Does that stop the Lord from using that time to redeem you? Does that stop the Lord from loving you?

Come on Kelvin, you have tasted enough of His goodness to know that He is a good God and that he will provide.

Come on, why are you only looking at this one time?

What about all the other times when God was faithful and gave his blessings? He just poured and poured and poured. What is wrong Kelvin? Why have you become this whiny mess?

Time to grow up Kelvin.

Follow the Lord and trust His ways, He has blessed you all these while, He will continue to bless you!

Thank you Lord!