=501= Words of Melancholy: Bye

I don’t understand why people aren’t afraid of using the word, “bye.”

=500= Reflections: Texting

I remember that a few years ago, I got really frustrated about texting. I mean, I hate when people misunderstands me.

Oh well.

So yeah, somehow or another, now I am texting like quite a few people. HAHA. Well, I dunno why, but yeah it is nice.

Somehow, I found that people seem to use text as a “test the water” kinda tool. Basically try out what they are like and get to know them better through text.

Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with that. I have gotten a lot closer to many people over text. However, I do think that there should be more interaction in real life. I mean, the saddest thing that could happen is that you guys are close online but strangers offline.

I think that being close offline is definitely better than being close online. I mean, after everything, you would want to hang out in person right? If I wanted to be close to someone online, I should just talk to a bot.

However there are some texting rules/conventions that people follow that I observed.

Tone of a message
Well, as if I haven’t complained enough on tone. Tone of a message can make a direct insult a joke. Over text, it is practically impossible to give the exact tone that you want to portray. However, I have learned some tricks. HAHA!

First, the use of smileys and periods. The presence or absence of emojis would give you different tone and different meanings of the message.

I am sad 😂 – A joke, the other party probably said something meant as a joke and you are responding to it.

I am sad…. 😦 – You are a little affected, but not that serious. You are still able to put a smiley.

I am sad :/ – You are sad and slightly guilty/uncomfortable.

I am sad. – You are sad, this is serious. You want the other party to probe and ask more.

Next is the usage of like capital letters to express emotion. This is more visual than anything. Having capital letters expresses loud laughter and anger. Having a statement like, “I AM SAD” doesn’t look right, it seems as though as you were joking! Having “I am sad” expresses sad emotions better.

To express annoyance. Capital letters don’t seem to express it so well.

ha ha ha.

Compared with:


The upper case seem to express real laughter while the lower case expresses the fake laugh as the annoyance would have suggested.

Of course capital letters used so often in text messaging these few days that it kind of loses it’s Essence of expressing anger.



why the crap are you here?

I guess context will have to come in.

Next, how would you differentiate a joke from a mean statement?

For me, whenever I make a mean comment, it was probably meant as a joke. However, people who don’t know me well would actually think that I mean what I say. So for me, whenever I am joking there are a few phrases or emojis that I would use to make it look like a joke. These include, “HAHAHAHAH!,” “CHEYYYY!,” “😏” and my Favourite, “🌚.”

Well I guess you are an ass. – implies that I really mean it. 

Well, I guess you are an ass! AHAHAHAHA! CHEYYYY! – implies that I am joking.

Next thing I have found to be helpful, was to simply split the text messages up.

Having 5 short texts look less intimidating than one long text.


Hey Man!
How are you?
Hope you are doing fine?
Man, I am so tired


Hey Man! How are you? Hope you are doing fine? Man, I am so tired. REPLY HOR! 

The latter seems to be more formal and serious, while the former seems to be more casual and friendly even though both messages are using the same words.

Well, texting is all about frequency. Just like yesterday, I was caring for this person that had a fever, I think I must have gotten too used to spamming people with funny memes, when I spammed, man did I regret it. HAHAHAH!

Well, content. Some people complain that texting isn’t like deep enough; that like texting is a bit shallow and on the surface. Well, to some point, I do agree. However, I now think that texting is like a tool to show the person you are texting that you are thinking of them.

One of the things I like to do when texting is simply to take a photo of something that reminds you of that person and send it to them. Somehow, this happens to be a great conversation starter! HAHA! Quite a few conversation with the people I text starts from simply sending a photo about something that he/she understands and knows about and making a joke out of it.

Basically, when you see a certain object that reminds you of a conversation you guys had earlier, just take a photo and say, “HEY! Your Favourite! Or something”

Somehow, it is a fantastic way to let the other party know that you are thinking of him or her and it can start a conversation! 🙂

HAHA, man, I have spent too much time on this funny post. Well, hopefully it helps you to get more proficiently. 😂

Oh well.