=502= Relfections: Express Irritation

I think as someone that kinda wants everyone to like him, I find it hard to express my annoyance or irritation at someone.

However, recently, I reflected more and more, I think that in a friendship, if you are unable to express irritation towards each other, I think that you guys aren’t that close at all.

Of course I am not suggesting going around complaining about everyone to their faces. I am just saying that in any close relationship with someone, there will be a time where you will be irritated with that person. Do you share that irritation with the person? Or would you just stay still and just let that irritation bite your head until it is empty?

Why are people scared of sharing their irritations of their friends? Perhaps, they are scared that expressing it would jeopardise their friendship. Perhaps, they don’t want to go through the whole drama of talking things through? Well, the more I do it, the more I find that the advantages heavily outweigh the disadvantages. It is definitely worth  the risk.

I mean, if your friendship would crumble just because you say ONE thing, I don’t think your friendship is THAT strong. Perhaps you aren’t that close to the person. If you are close, expressing your thoughts would help the other party to know you better and you are opening up more than you know. You guys would actually become closer!

If the person do get angry and ends the frienship because of your rational irritation, I doubt that friend is worth keeping. 

People should really treasure their relationships a bit more.

Truly, strong friendships are built on communication.

A strong friendship can grow both parties!

Dear God, please continue to bless me with friends that will make me grow! Thank you Lord!